Allentown, New Jersey Speed Traps

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Main Street, Rt. 526, Rt. 539

Allentown, New JerseyOct 15, 20130 Comments

Speed traps are set up regularly in this small village for one of the only sources of municipal revenue. For the size of the town, the police department is excessively large. All along main street, within other parked cars, a cruiser or SUV sits in waiting. The limits quickly drop from 30 to 25 toward the center of town along Main Street. A police vehicle is regularly parked at the very edge of town on Rt. 539 between the pine trees near the school. Some even say that they are not in Allentown at this point but are instead in Upper Freehold Township where they have no jurisdiction. The limit here is 30 and 25 when children are present. They occasionally park in the Elementary School parking lot across the street from the Presbyterian Church – also 30. Another popular spot for stalking is on Rt. 526 in the parking lot of the city water works where the limit drops in one step from 40 to 25 as one enters from Robbinsville. There are often multiple speed traps at these different locations at the same time. Whenever I know of anyone going through this town that is only about 1.5 sq. mi., I tell them the speed limit is 24. As a side note, I don’t understand why they even have an SUV. They should put these guys on bicycles or a motorcycle. That would save a great deal of taxpayer money and be better for public relations.

Main Street near Electrican’s Company Crossing

Allentown, New JerseyMay 28, 20080 Comments

Allentown police use the quick decrease in speeds from 45 to 30 to catch quite a few people. Be aware of this speed decrease, and the subsequent drop from 30 to 25. DO NOT GO OVER!

County Trunk 539 near High Street

Allentown, New JerseyNov 30, 20030 Comments

County Route 539 westbound has a speed limit change from 50 to 40 to 30 in less than a 1 mile course of road, entering Allentown, NJ. Cops routinely sit right past the 30 MPH sign with radar and hand out tickets. Posted speed limit is not backed by a traffic speed survey.

Route 526 (going in, through and out of town)

Allentown, New JerseyOct 05, 20030 Comments

Small town used highly as a bypass to the Jersey shore. Speed limit is 25mph and hightly enforced. 1-2mph above limit will lead to enforcement.

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