Freehold, New Jersey Speed Traps

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Entrance Road from Route 9 South & Ring Road around mall

Freehold, New JerseyAug 05, 20160 Comments

The speed limit varies from 25mph to 35mph. PAY ATTENTION. Freehold cops are relentless in sitting in parking lot to catch speeders on the loop road around mall as well as entrance road to/from Route 9. They especially stake out morning hours just before mall opens and mid-day hours when first and second shift employees who may be running late are in a hurry. Big time fine because it is easy to go 15mph or more over the low limit.

E. Main St. & some surrounding streets traps

Freehold, New JerseySep 11, 20140 Comments

There are plenty of speed traps in this area. In addition there are TONS of no right turn on red, or no turns into parking lots from opp side of two roads. Signs are sometimes small and low. Camera’s everywhere on everywhere corner on E. Main St. Green arrow lights, directions on street pavement dictating flow of traffic. Violate any and you are sure to get a ticket. Parking spaces are sparse so you will circle area many times and sure to violate one or more traps. I got nailed for going into a parking lot that had a small sign that read no left turn. First and last visit to that main Street.

Freehold Raceway Mall

Freehold, New JerseyNov 01, 20130 Comments

Freehold police comb through the entire Parking, especially by the restaurants with high speed plate scanners attached to the police vehicle. They will scan each and every single plate. I had a ticket for expired registration, 2 days overdue. There will be ticket on your windshield when you return from your dinner or shopping. Ever since that incident, I stopped doing business with Freehold Raceway Mall. I am not sure why Freehold raceway mall management is allowing such activity?

Freehold Raceway Mall

Freehold, New JerseyAug 24, 20130 Comments

Coming into the mall from the RT 9 entrance cops stands on the side of the road with his radar gun pulling people over into the Home Depot parking lot for doing as little as 26 in a 25 be careful though that whole mall is a speed trap they have to generate their revenue

Wemrock Road near Raintree

Freehold, New JerseyFeb 27, 20130 Comments

Wemrock Road in Freehold Twp does not have a posted speed limit between Route 522 and Gully Road, but there is a speed limit of 35 after crossing Gully Rd and cops sit on side streets and pull over people.

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