Glassboro, New Jersey Speed Traps

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Turning right on Greentree Road from Rt 322

Glassboro, New JerseyMay 15, 20190 Comments

The speed limit changes from 35 to 25, and it happens as soon as you’re coming off of Rt 322 onto Greentree Road.  The cops will pull you over shortly after, saying they or another officer caught you going 35 right after making that right onto Greentree.  They won’t even give you a chance to pass by the first speed limit sign after making that right, which is only about a quarter mile down the road.  So, if you’re not from that area, how are you supposed to know that the speed limit changes from 35 to 25 like that??  Also, I’m pretty sure speed limits do not change until another speed limit sign reads differently. What’s more, if you’re just guessing the speed limit because you don’t see one posted, what else should you do but go by your surroundings? Certainly that road doesn’t look like a 25. There weren’t even any houses around. The officer who gave me the ticket actually said that people do it all the time… So if people are doing it all the time, don’t you think that maybe something should be done about it?  Like instead of pulling people over and giving tickets left and right, how about either posting a speed limit sign right after that turn from 322, or, at least give people a chance to lower their speed after passing the first speed limit sign?? He said another officer saw me doing 35 right after I turned onto Greentree from 322… Really? He couldn’t have waited until I passed that first speed limit sign of 25 that was only a quarter mile down the road to see if I slowed down?? He said he was giving me a “break” by giving me a seat belt ticket… Um, that’s not a break.  I was wearing my seatbelt.  A break would’ve been a warning, since I wasn’t even from the area (he knew that by my address) and didn’t know any better, since clearly I wasn’t even given a chance to pass the first speed limit sign to lower my speed shortly after making that right off of 322. But even then a warning would’ve been inappropriate, as I did lower my speed to 25 once I passed the first changed speed limit sign… Lo and behold, as I was pulled over, I saw two other drivers on that same stretch of road pulled over by other officers as well. And, I’m sure it was for the same thing, based on the officer’s comment that people do it all the time… Certainly, this is a speed trap.

William Dalton Drive and Route 47

Glassboro, New JerseyApr 28, 20102 Comments

Traffic light camera with too short of time on the yellow light. It takes your picture when you are in the intersection after the light turns red. It does not give you enough time to get through it before the light changes. They mail you a ticket around three weeks after it happens, even if you are not driving. The picture comes out looking like you blatantly ran a red light in slow motion. But when you change it to real time the light is set to make them money. Not very fair and its 2 points to fail to abide a traffic signal. Almost now one has quick enough reflexes for this light. Be careful!

it’s on route 55 northbound

Glassboro, New JerseyApr 13, 20100 Comments

It’s when you pass the 50a/b exit from 322 about 1/2 mile on route 55 state troopers sit in the middle of 55 in the second underpath waiting for vehicles hard to see them cause there is a hill their and to late to slow down

New Street

Glassboro, New JerseyMar 03, 20101 Comments

At the elementary school just after Delsea Drive. They sit in the school lot and wait, and it’s a good thing too. There is alot of traffic and alot of speeding.

Fish Pond Road

Glassboro, New JerseyMay 10, 20040 Comments

Heading south on Fish Pond Road, the speed limit is 45 MPH while in Washington Township (Gloucester Co.). However, upon entering Glassboro, the speed limit drops to 25, and police are vigilant in monitoring speeds on this road. Right before intersecting with Delsea Dr., the road passes by a Little League field; during games, patrol cars stay close by to monitor traffic on the road (and rightfully so).

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