Harrison, New Jersey Speed Traps

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Woodland Avenue near State Route 322

Harrison, New JerseyOct 17, 20070 Comments

Harrison Twp. Police Cruiser sits (partially hidden) off the road in front of township’s wastewater treatment facility, beaming X-Band radar in either direction along Woodland Ave. Same LEOs also run speed traps approximately 1 mile further east on Woodland Ave. sitting to south side of the road in driveway of new home construction site.
The limit was recently reduced from its statuatory 50 MPH (this is a "back country road") to 35 MPH due to whining new homeowners who moved into the country and wanted the limit reduced. Most drivers continue to travel at the safe speed of ~50 MPH; this has become a place for the local police to easily enhance township revenue at the expense of other local residents.

Harrisonville Road near State Route 322

Harrison, New JerseyMay 12, 20060 Comments

Hiding in peach orchards on side of the road, or patroling up and down road. Speed signs constantly fluctuating along primarily a rural route. Hilly terrain, no passing zone. Do not honor PBA cards or other law enforcement fraternities. Confiscate Cards.

South Frank Rodgers Boulevard near PATH Train Station

Harrison, New JerseyOct 17, 20050 Comments

Wide roadway with 25 MPH posting, clearly visable. Officers usually sit under sign in unmarked car shooting Radar at both north and south bound traffic. This enforcement is usually present on wheekend and later evening hours when traffic is light and speeds tend to be in excess of 40mph.

Jackson St./Frank E Rodgers

Harrison, New JerseyFeb 01, 20020 Comments

ok as you’re coming from Harrison and you pass quick check to your left, just up front there will be a wendy’s. As you pass wendy’s there is a 1 way street only on the left that intersects with Jackson St. Cops are usually there with their lights off waiting to catch someone. As you proceed you pass Audio Clinic then comes a gas station and finally a gas station, your about to approach a car wash right after this car wash there is a small alley way btwn the car wash and the PSE&G building again cops hid well back in there with lights off waiting to catch someone (mainly at night). as you proceed to pass PSE&G towards the right side there are cars parked by meters usually towards the end of the of the road getting close to the bridge they are parked there or in the PSE&G gate with lights off waiting to catch you. Speed limit is 25 but should be 45 ohh well. those are the 4 speed traps that are enforced all the time. sometimes all 4 are active, beleive me ive seen it.

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