North Haledon, New Jersey Speed Traps

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Overlook Avenue near Delta Gas Station Crossing

North Haledon, New JerseyAug 26, 20080 Comments

if looking at the building going up towards william paterson University on overlook avenue, a Cop sits in the delta gas station facing College road, waiting for you to run the yellow light. he sits with HIS LIGHTS OFF, so beware.

Overlook Avenue near High mountain Road

North Haledon, New JerseyAug 26, 20080 Comments

There is a large 5-way intersection here, and the green light will last NO LONGER than 30 seconds. if the light turns yellow before your front wheels pass the stop line you will get pulled over.

Belmont Avenue near Overlook Avenue

North Haledon, New JerseyAug 26, 20080 Comments

When driving on Belmont avenue towards Franklin Lakes, after the light, there is a lot with a bunch of tractor trailer trucks in it. There is a cop that sits by a few drop boxes (for clothes) with a radar waiting for you to go 40 mph, because on this area of the road the limit is 35.

If coming from franklin lakes, the speed limit is 40 mph until a sign reads 35mph near squaw brook road, but most people miss it because its slightly hidden in between a bunch of trees. cops will be sitting in that lot, and you can sometimes see them from a distance, but they’ll usually nail you once youre pretty close, so slow down to 35 after you pass squaw brook road.

Highmountain Road near Belmont Avenue

North Haledon, New JerseyNov 02, 20070 Comments

Heading into N. Haledon from Wycoff area on Highmountain Rd. Right behind the high brush along the town’s swimming area parking lot. The car can’t be seen until it’s way too late, specially at night. Also cars can be found heading the other way towards Franklin Lakes in any one of the three driveways leading into the local resevor.

Belmont Avenue

North Haledon, New JerseyFeb 01, 20020 Comments

This trap is set on Sundays only. A cop watches trafic going South and gives tickets to anyone going over 35 mph. This is an industrial zone and there are virtually no cars on Sunday morning. Most locals know about the trap but for out-of-towners the chances of getting a ticket are almost 100%.

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