Sparta, New Jersey Speed Traps

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State Route 15

Sparta, New JerseySep 06, 20080 Comments

This one’s huge! My first DUI stop and boy was I glad I was dead sober. Northbound Rt.15 on a weekend, as you clear the first hill entering Sparta, you’ll see one sitting on the shoulder southbound, lights on; that’s in case you turn around; a "Road Work Ahead" sign (very deceptive) then just before the first exit, as you clear the hill, there’s like 8 units and 15 officers and a big trailer on the right. Follow the flashlights throught the cones to where they tell you, and they stick their head in your face and start asking questions. Flashlights shining everywhere. They understand your nervous but be courteous and tell the truth and you won’t have a problem. There were a few cars parked with no drivers, so I guess they had a problem. This is a mobile setup and I don’t know if it was the state’s or not, but thankfully I haven’t seen it since. I’m also not sure if they do this from time to time or it was some kind of blitz. And frankly I don’t really want to know what’s in the trailer or what goes on there. Just drive on and don’t wave to the northbound guy on the shoulder. He’s there in case you run or he thinks your being a wiseguy and getting away. BTW-I had a friend killed by a drunk driver. Don’t do it. This is just a friendly heads up so you can drive safer. Because I don’t agree with HLS money being used for town revenue or the preying on drivers for minor errors. I can’t tell you how many cell phones I see everywhere. Did you watch the video with the popcorn?? I don’t want that thing anywhere near my head!

US Highway 15 near US Highway 80

Sparta, New JerseyNov 03, 20070 Comments

On road #15 in Sparta, New Jersey as you come from, or go to Road #80 there is a short span that is a speed trap. The town policeman sits there waiting for victims. Most people are from out of state in the traffic court. I watched most plates from Jersey just flying. They ticket everyone 80 something in a 55, fines are over $200. People with 23 years of clean driving were caught.

State Route 15

Sparta, New JerseyAug 15, 20070 Comments

Sparta cops sit right on their own entrance rd. from Police headquarters to rt 15 South. You cannot see them if your traveling south. The speed limit is 55mph and they constantly have a chain of patrol cars doing a loop on rt 15. I see someone pulled over almost every time I travel through here. Speed trap?

State Route 15 near State Route 181

Sparta, New JerseyAug 09, 20070 Comments

As you enter Township of Sparta, and start down the hill on Route 15. They wait in the median to catch people going north bound and they wait at the bottom of the hil near the municpal building to catch north and south bound.

State Highway 15 near Exit Number RT 517

Sparta, New JerseyJul 25, 20070 Comments

Officers sit on median’s typically after a sharp bend. Can be found anywhere from CR 517 until just before the Jefferson border (3 Mile Span). I see at least 1 to 2 people pulled over each time I travel down. (I use it at least 2 times per day!)

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