Anthony, New Mexico Speed Traps

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Highway 404 East of Interstate 10 East

Anthony, New MexicoOct 27, 20130 Comments

While driving through New Mexico, east on 404 from Interstate 10, the speed limit increases from 40 MPH to 60. As I approached the 60 MPH speed limit sign I began to accelerate to achieve the limit. I saw a deputy sheriff on the westbound side of the highway in a marked vehicle. He was positioned across from the 60 MPH sign that I was approaching. As I began to accelerate, he put on his overhead lights. I pulled over and was surprised that he would cite me for 53 in a 40 when I was clearly attempting to blend in with the highway traffic. He was quite certain that he was in the right. I was just as certain that this was a little over-zealous enforcement of the law. His manner was curt until he asked for my driver’s license. My deputy sheriff’s badge from Texas was clearly and prominently displayed in my wallet. He backed off a little, but insisted that he was doing me a "professional courtesy" by not citing me. I run radar often and this incident gave me new insight into other jurisdictions and their enforcement of the law. I wish I had kept my badge concealed, accepted the ticket, and taken it to court. (The judge that most of my tickets go to is a former MP and retired US Army. He would never allow me to get away with anything like that.) I also have renewed empathy for the driving public and would never consider giving a ticket that weak.

New Mexico 213 and 404 (Anthony Gap) road construction.

Anthony, New MexicoJun 17, 20120 Comments

Police on shoulder of road facing Elpaso at night with lights off. Speed Limits Posted from 65 mph, 55 mph, 35 mph down to 25 mph. Normal safe and reasonable decelaration doesn’t cut it.

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