Elida, New Mexico Speed Traps

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Speed trap in Elida

Elida, New MexicoApr 08, 20130 Comments

We just passed through this nice little town a couple of hours ago. Like everyone else I was pulled over going out of town. I was told I was doing 32 in a 15 School Zone. It was 4:30 in the afternoon. I ask what time school let out and was told 3:45. The ticket was $94. It was a speed trap for sure. Probably how they finance theIr little town. It made me mad but they have you by the short hairs. I’m from Indiana and thought it would be nice to see something other than Interstate. Never again in this town.

Elida, New Mexico

Elida, New MexicoNov 10, 20120 Comments

The four-lane highway drops from 70 mph (I was on cruise control) to 35 mph at the east edge of “town”. I slowed and punched the cruise control. There were no people and no children. Cop stopped me. “You were doing 40 in a school zone. That will be 129$ ….. He got very angry when I calmly said that it was a speed trap. He threw the ticket through the window and stalked off. He didn’t like my attitude… He didn’t like me talking back. I’ll just have to work on that…. The WORST part of this is that that dust pile known as Elida NM uses their children to make money… People just take the main freeway routes… DON’T GO THE HIGHWAY 70 ROUTE … EVER!!!!!!

State Highway 70 Northeast of Elida, NM

Elida, New MexicoJul 28, 20110 Comments

The speed limit drops drastically from 70 mph to 35 mph in a VERY short space and WELL prior to town. After noting the “Reduced Speed Ahead” sign I disengaged the cruise control and was “coasting” to a lower speed while following the two vehicles ahead of me. I was in town and at the posted speed limit of 35 MPH before I noticed the Police SUV with no siren but flashing lights behind me.
The officer asked for my driver’s license and his next words were “You blew by me at 72 MPH in a 35” and stated that he was going to write me a ticket. He offered an opportunity to refuse the citation but after driving from Arkansas en route to a family reunion in Cloudcroft with my wife and three grandchildren in the car, I was not prepared to be “held in custody until taken to appear before judge when one becomes available” as is stated on the back of the citation. It’s a no win.

Because I have cruise control and a Garmin GPS that registers speed, and I was “coasting” to a slower speed, I have no doubt that the 72 MPH allegation was totally false. Unfortunately, I was the last of three vehicles, the easiest one to stop AND I had an out of state license tag. He did not ask to see Registration or Proof of Insurance, he only asked the year model of the vehicle and seems obvious that he was only interested in getting the information and complete the paperwork required to collect the $229.00. The situation occurred on Thursday July 14th 2011, however, the date on the citation was July 13, 2011 when while I was traveling from Beebe, AR and remained overnight in Elk City, OK. Perhaps he didn’t make his previous day’s quota.

During my return in the opposite direction on the same highway a few days later, I reviewed the west bound signs and observed that it is highly impossible after passing the “Reduced Speed Ahead” sign to reduce from 70 MPH to 35 MPH posted sign without significant braking.

This is but another example of Highway Robbery in small town rural America

Near the edge of the easr and wesr village limits

Elida, New MexicoSep 02, 20100 Comments

Officer locates silver SUV on opposite side of roadway, to cast radar toward oncoming traffic. School zone in middle of village. Speed is 35mph, except school zone and does not change to 45mph until 1/2 mile or so out of populated portion of village. Officers must have definite symptoms of writers cramps. US70 is the main throughway in Elida and is where this occurs. Be careful

US Highway 70 shortly before Elida

Elida, New MexicoJul 20, 20100 Comments

Driving up to the town the speed limit is 65 and quickly drops down to 35 then speeds up again to 45mph. The drop is so quick that you have to slam on your breaks the moment you see it. Very dangerous decrease in speed. I’ve never been pulled over and I was doing the speed limit in the 35 and then accelerated to 45 when the new sign came up. The cop stopped me and told me I was doing 56 in a 35 mph zone. It was a complete lie. My GPS and my speedometer both said I was doing 45 in the 45 zone. I got a $129 ticket but a whole bunch of NM cars were flying by me. My fiance also felt me brake and accelerate at the appropriate time. Of course I can’t fight it because I’m a Michigan resident. In short, he said I was doing 21 mph over the speed limit. I’ve never had a ticket, never been pulled over, never speed.

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