Fort Sumner, New Mexico Speed Traps

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On Highway 60 thru the middle of town.

Fort Sumner, New MexicoMay 15, 20161 Comments

Fort Sumner is a “village” of around 1000 residents and you have to use Highway 60 to travel East and West. As you drive thru the center of town the speed limit drops to 25 mph. There is a school zone posted speed of 15 mph, which is not marked very well. I drove thru at 3:40 in the afternoon and did not see any students in the general area. As I pulled away after a green light I noticed the other cars to my left going abnormally slow and looked for a slow ped or maybe a dog or emergency vehicle. It looked clear to me, but as I accelerated a Fort Sumner Police SUV immediately pulled me over claiming that I had violated the law and exceeded the speed limit in a school zone. Officer Steele said I could appear in court (I live 800 miles away) or admit “my guilt” and pay a fine of $161.00 within 30 days ! The local police obviously wait for unsuspecting out of state motorist to drive over 15 mph on a major road of travel and ticket them in order to fill the tiny city’s coffers. I feel victimized.

Approaching Fort Sumner from North on 84

Fort Sumner, New MexicoJan 04, 20130 Comments

Speed limit drops abruptly at edge of town. Signs are difficult to detect, and face it, must drivers are cruising @ 70+ mph on the long, straight, lightly traveled Hwy 84. You must get on the brakes to slow in time for the 30mph sign…letting off on the accelerator is not enough. I asked the cop if he was related to Billy the Kid, as they were both bandits.

Right where highway enters town from 84 heading east

Fort Sumner, New MexicoJul 31, 20121 Comments

At night, by roadside like the previous post, but with one important addition. They were using a drone in conjunction. A small craft shot straight up over a hill, crossed the road, and passed at about 20 or 30mph. When i looked back from pasenger side, i saw 2w side by side props that glowed around the circumference. A few seconds later, passed the cop in the dark. If you dont believe, google drones and ft sumner. Big airbase, testing drones.

On U.S. Highway 60/84 Mile Marker #340-342 (Tiban)

Fort Sumner, New MexicoJan 21, 20100 Comments

Speed drops from 65mph to 50mph, State Trooper likes to sit on the side of the road in the dark . Beware.

State Highway 60/84

Fort Sumner, New MexicoMay 05, 20040 Comments

long road from fort sumner to sante rosa or from santa rosa to clovis. highly pratroled in all areas by rookie state patrolmen.if you pass someone going under the posted limit dont go over the speed limit or they will stop you.

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