Las Cruces, New Mexico Speed Traps

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I-10, heading West near the Texas border

Las Cruces, New MexicoAug 23, 20021 Comments

After traveling through 55 mph zone, drivers will see a sign in the distance noting that the speed limit is changing to 65 mph. Naturally, most drivers will begin to speed up. Anyone that hits 65 mph before hitting the actual sign location could face a ticket. This adds nothing to the safety of the road, whatsoever. I have had a few tickets, but never felt so badly burned by a police officer until I received this one.

W/B I-10 Milepost 142 12:40 A.M.

Las Cruces, New MexicoSep 01, 20011 Comments

WASTING POLICE RESOURCES: I-10 runs approximately 5 miles through a city of 85,000 where on average there are 1.4 violent felons committed per day and 15 crimes against property per day. Why would there be four police cruisers from the city, on the I-10 freeway on a Wednesday night after midnight? Where there an equal amount on I-25 that also runs through Las Cruces? How many patrol cars does that leave for protecting the las Cruces residents while they sleep?

The TRAP! This is a well lighted freeway through the City of Los Cruces. I noticed speed changes occurred from 55MPH to 65MPH, to 70MPH, to 55MP quite frequently. It was somewhat puzzling because there was no active construction, lane narrowing, or other hazards to explain the rapid changes. Smelling A Rat! I had my cruise control set at 68MPH for the last 70MPH posting I had observed. I passed two 18 wheelers and saw two traffic stops (and three police cars)in the next 1/2 mile. ANY BETS THEY WERE ALSO OUT-of-STATE? I was immediately pulled over. I was not happy. I was even more unhappy when I thought he said 68 in 65. "What for 3MPH over?" "No, it is for 68 in a 55." "This is crazy. I was purposely doing 68MPH because I wanted to be under the 70MPH sign which is the last sign I saw." NOTE: When I left the scene within 1 1/2 miles I saw a 55MPH (why post it again if it was just posted), 65MPH, and 70MPH. Only a nursery has more changes than these speed limit signs!

I-25 and I-10

Las Cruces, New MexicoJun 01, 20011 Comments

After a reasonable 75 MPH limit in rural areas, city leaders impose a strictly-enforced 55 MPH limit within city limits, even though these wide, modern highways are never congested. Troopers cover three shifts around the clock, and will cite you for as little as 3 MPH over the limit.

I-25 North from the I-10 intersection to about the 9 mile marker

Las Cruces, New MexicoJun 01, 20011 Comments

extended use of construction "double fines apply" for the next infinite number of miles where little or no construction is acutally occuring or must have occured sometime during the last decade or there might be some construction during the next decade or later. This tactic is especially true in the El Paso, Texas area where there is a sign indicating construction for the next "56 miles".

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