Lordsburg, New Mexico Speed Traps

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I10 32.3469029,-108.7024809

Lordsburg, New MexicoJun 12, 20150 Comments

Next to the
Love’s Travel Stop
900 W. Motel Dr.
I-10 Exit 20
Lordsburg, NM 88045
Speed from 75 down to 65 – Police, Sheriff and DPS looks like mosquito on rotten meat. Conclusion, everyone should not leave any money in New Mexico – I travel through many times and having Lunch and Coffee – not anymore. You hurt me, I will hurt you by not spending money in New Mexico for live. I do not support Economic Development with the Police. This is a Trap

Highway 10 to Douglass Az. just off interstate.

Lordsburg, New MexicoAug 04, 20140 Comments

I was pulling a 16ft. horse trailer loaded with horses and was stopped by a hidden Lordsburg city officer. Ticketed for 65 in a 55 also given a ticket for no license on my horse trailer. I explained no license needed on a Tennessee stock trailer. Also no license needed on a New Mexico stock trailer. He informed me I would have to go to court, the date was a month later ( I would be two states away) He also informed me I could not call or go to court before the court date. I talked to a range brand inspector I met the next day. He told me to go see the county commissioner because if I did not show for trial, the Lordsburg court would issue a bench warrant and I would not be able to renew my drivers license. In short, if you drive through Lordsburg with an out of state license plate you stand the chance of being stopped, harassed , given fraudulent tickets and spending a day hunting down a county commissioner (who was a decent guy) so you can go on with your life.

State Route 80 up from Douglas, NM, and Bisbee, AZ

Lordsburg, New MexicoOct 25, 20120 Comments

A well-paved and smooth-surfaced highway, 2-lane. No one else going either direction. Broad daylight. Safe to travel over the 65 MPH limit, and I freely admit doing so. Lordsburg city cop out of jurisdiction claimed to be member of “drug-enforcement” agency. Hid in brushes, saw CA plates, detained two seniors in order to bring “drug-detecting” dog which was completely hinky and cued to its handler, as opposed to true odors of contraband. Cop only offered “guilty and pay fine” or “fight it and spend a lot of time and money” options. Beware!

Entering Lordsdburg, NM from West on Interstate 10

Lordsburg, New MexicoAug 16, 20120 Comments

Speed limit changes from 75mph to 65mph. I got my ticket (75mp in a 65mph zone) within about 60 seconds of speed limit sign. I’m a law abiding driver but had been driving for six hours. I would have been at 65mph in about 30 more seconds.
The most interesting and frustrating aspect of this incident was that while waiting on the side of the road in strong winds the police officer said i had to plead guilty or not guilty. No court, no judge, no lawyer, and most of all no time. I’m used to signing a ticket to indicate I received it. In Lordsburg the police officer is judge and jury and the side of the road is your courtroom. I had some questions about insurance points, court dates and times etc. No questions were allowed, much less answered. Officer said he was in a hurry.

East of Lordsburg, New Mexico

Lordsburg, New MexicoMay 24, 20120 Comments

Posted speed 75 MPH. I had been travelling on speed control at 72 MPH since Demming because of high wind gusting. No one was going very fast. I was ticketed by State Trooper for 87 MPH using radar. Either radar defective or radar misused or outright fraud. My speedometer checked as accurate, traceable to Nation Bureau of Standards.

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