Lordsburg, New Mexico Speed Traps

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E I10 @ exit 23

Lordsburg, New MexicoApr 04, 20110 Comments

State trooper sits on Eastbound I10 waiting for out-of-state vehicles. No speed measurement Makes up citation.

entering lordsburg city limits

Lordsburg, New MexicoJul 18, 20090 Comments

Entering into town from both east and west. The posted speed limit is 75 on the interstate 10 before going in the rural high desert town. There is a posted reduce speed limit sign then 200feet the limit is 65 at that 200 foot limit the Hilidago county sheriffs camp out especially at night. When pulled over make sure you keep you seat belt on if you take it off to retrieve your wallet your hit with a seat belt violation. At the time the citation is givin the Deputy tells you you have to make your plea right there guilty or innocent! and sign the citation after he marks your plea no chance to read it prior a real west Wyatt Earp kind of justice be careful and stay out of town

Interstate 10 near Mile Marker 24 thru 26

Lordsburg, New MexicoAug 23, 20070 Comments

State Police and County Sheriff in mark and unmarked units. Speed is reduced from 75 to 65 thru Lordsburg.

Interstate 10 East/West

Lordsburg, New MexicoAug 14, 20070 Comments

Where speed is reduced from 75 to 65 East and West bound in Lordsburg, NM. State Police and County Sheriff

Highway 80 – just south of I-10

Lordsburg, New MexicoJul 14, 20030 Comments

I diverted from the eastbound I-10 onto highway 80 near Tuscon in order to pass through Tombstone, AZ and Bisbee, AZ, then link up with the eastbound I-10 once again near Lordsburg, NM. The highway through AZ was set at 65MPH, then dropped to 60MPH at the NM border. Climbing a mountain, I noticed several spring-based signs being held down by the wind, but didn’t pay any mind. Unfortunately one of the signs dropped the speed limit to 55MPH. The officer was sitting on a hilltop further on and got me for what he claimed was 77MPH. I had been keeping it to 65MPH, but arguing is of course pointless.

As I left the scene, he was literally pulling over the next person. Hope this warning can save someone some pain.

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