Springer, New Mexico Speed Traps

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School zone coming from texas

Springer, New MexicoJun 16, 20170 Comments

chief here does write 10,000 a month and brags about it, its a town that survives off speeding tickets watch the intersection in town they sit there all day.

Hwy 56/412 between Summit Ave and County Road.

Springer, New MexicoAug 29, 20160 Comments

This speed trap is manned most mornings starting around 7:15 am until school starts. Posted 15 mph and tickets given for anything over that. Police chief brags that he brings in over $10,000 for the town per month. I got ticket for 20mph in a 15mph zone even though no flashing lights at the time and also no kids either. Coming off a side street, I did not see any signage. I think speed traps to make money for the town coffers are illegal in New Mexico.

either side of this town on I-25

Springer, New MexicoFeb 06, 20120 Comments

State Police set up speed trap. May say your cruise is inaccurate due to ‘oversized tires’ and check your door sticker even tho tires are what came on the vehicle.

North exit of town. Before on ramp to I-25N

Springer, New MexicoApr 18, 20100 Comments

Always 1or 2 village patrols parked at the Mexican food cafe.

Hwy 64

Springer, New MexicoApr 18, 20100 Comments

Several local patrols. Speed limit is 35, and they don’t tolerate36! Watch for patrol car parked behind sign on the right side of highway at the west end of village. They report anywhere from 22 to 36 tickets issued weekly.

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