Eastchester, New York Speed Traps

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California Road – pretty much the whole length

Eastchester, New YorkAug 15, 20110 Comments

Other examples noted by others. Anywhere between Highland Ave/Twin Lakes entrance and New Rochelle Road is bad – have seen at least 5 different locations. The section by the stables is particularly bad (cars are usually parked on the east side but can get you either way) – both before and after, the drive for leaf-drop off and the bend further towards Chester Heights also has unmarked cars – as does the downhill section where a car will sit on Meridith – the road with the median off to the east.

ANYWHERE along California by Interlaken Apartments is at risk – both directions as the limit is 25 – you CAN get ticketed for 30 there.

Leewood Drive & Lawrence Ave. (Eastchester) Stop Sign Trap

Eastchester, New YorkSep 07, 20100 Comments

At the top of the hill (Leewood Drive) before the one-way street
(Lawrence Ave.) which prevents through traffic there is a stop-sign trap.
There is a "do not enter" sign there so I didn’t see the stop sign and
made a left turn that does not conflict with the right-of-way as there
was no traffic from Lawrence Ave. The stop sign is really pointless.
The local cop was not nasty but he was all business. He was only
acting on orders from above as when I passed by on my return trip
he was stopping someone else exactly where he stopped me, on Rte 22.
After passing that stop sign which I did not see I did make a full stop for
the next stop sign (I remember that clearly) while the cop was tailing me,
although I did not know it at the time. Apparently there are no points
off a ticket for good behavior – I will fight it in any case.

Leewood Drive near Bronx River Parkway

Eastchester, New YorkApr 14, 20081 Comments

A dark blue Eastchester cruiser sits behind the bushes at the Leewood Golf club entrance pulling over cars as they go through the light at the single car tunnel under the train tracks along the Bronx River parkway. They know the traffic builds up and the light is too short, so they wait to give out tickets rather than fix the light or get out to manually direct traffic. They would also give their own mother a ticket there. "GREEDY TOWN"

Old Wilmot Road near Wilmot Road

Eastchester, New YorkDec 03, 20070 Comments

Where Old Wilmot Rd. and Wilmot Rd. meet at the flagpole, always cop car on Old Wilmot Rd. waiting to nab cars coiing from New Rochelle into Eastchester, or vice versa.

California Road near Mill Road

Eastchester, New YorkAug 20, 20071 Comments

dark blue undercover car facing north bound

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