Geneseo, New York Speed Traps

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Intersection of Lima Rd., Highland Rd. & North St.

Geneseo, New YorkFeb 23, 20100 Comments

Dead end street just off these streets Sheriffs will sit with lights off waiting. After 10 pm on Fri. and Sat. nights if you are travelling in this area and are not a local you are fair game. If they cannot get you for speeding they will then charge you with failure to stop at one of the three stop signs that are there. Local lawyers say it is a real money grab.

Lima Rd & Cedarwood Pl

Geneseo, New YorkJun 06, 20090 Comments

The speed limit on Lima Rd is posted at 30 in an area just west of Volunteer Road, although the area appears fairly open and might typically be a 40-45 zone. Vehicles leaving Geneseo Village eastbound are tempted to pick up speed in this area, and the slowdown is rather abrupt for vehicles approaching from the west, as most of Lima Rd is posted at 55. Beware of an unmarked black Dodge equipped with radar that often patrols or parks in this area during rush hours.

Interstate 390

Geneseo, New YorkOct 24, 20060 Comments

coming up on the Geneseo/Lakeville exit the Troopers and Sheriffs have been getting creative. They are parking on the overpass and also on the grassy nolls next to the off ramps and are monitoring traffic. In the past 2 days I have seen a Lidar gun used, and I’m asuming VASCAR. I didn’t get anything on my radar detector and I know that the Sheriff was not in a position to be using a Lidar gun. They used to have a spot about 1/2 mile ahead of those places they abused for years, looks like they moved it around to try and catch people anticipating them sitting at the old trap.

State Highway 39 near Country Club Road

Geneseo, New YorkMay 04, 20040 Comments

Highway 39 has a posted 55 mph speed limit. As you approach the town of Geneseo fron the north, the speed limit quickly drops to 40 then 30 mph in a span of about 600 feet. People often prefer to coast to 30 mph rather than stand on their brakes, and the GPD takes advantage of this. I was still doing 43 by the time I hit the 30mph sign . . .

390 north Expressway near 20 A Road

Geneseo, New YorkJan 10, 20040 Comments

About 1 mile past the exit for 20 A and geneseo heading north on 390 a trooper almost always is just at the underpass of Geneseo-Lima road. As long as the ground is dry there will be a cop there. You can’t see it till it’s too late. Even at 2 am. DONT SPEED!

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