Green Island, New York Speed Traps

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Troy-Green Island Bridge Road near George Street

Green Island, New YorkFeb 10, 20080 Comments

Troy – Green Island Bridge. Green Island police park their patrol car in the middle of the bridge, usually on the side where the car wash is. Speed limit is 30mph, they nab a lot of speeders over this bridge. Anything over 35mph and you may get pulled over.

Cohoes Avenue near Tibbits Avenue

Green Island, New YorkAug 18, 20070 Comments

Police officers will sit in a small man made clearing and you cant see them till them come out out the woods after you positioned just off the Cohoes Ave and the entrance to the DPW garage.

Green Island Bridge Crossing near Intersecting River Street

Green Island, New YorkFeb 04, 20060 Comments

Just before you cross the Green Island Bridge going towards Troy, there is a small access road on the right hidden by trees, that leads to old refinery fuel storage tanks. The cops sit there waiting on speeders & other nonmoving violators (covered license plates & tinted windows especially). Coming from Troy you have a slight advantage, it is possible to see them if they dont park too far back or hug the tree line on either side. They are armed with light meters as well. If a cop tries to pull you over, continue over the bridge into Troy and take a right into the restaurant parking lot on the corner to stop. The bridge is very small, should only take a few seconds to cross. The bridge takes you from Albany county into Rensselaer county. If you want to fight the ticket, you can use jurisdiction as a defense. Dont stop on the bridge unless you have at least crossed the midway point! Green Island is a super tiny village and the court prosecutor should be no match for a well prepared defense.

Truck Route to 787 entrance

Green Island, New YorkMar 27, 20030 Comments

This is the most shameless speed trap I ‘ve ever seen. The "truck route" which connects 787 (on the Albany side of the Hudson) to downtown Troy has a 30 mph sign posted amidst a comfusing jumble of other signs at an intersection where 4 or 5 throughfares are coming together at odd angles. You’d never think that a truck route going through an industrial area would be 30mph, but it is. Cops hide out in parking lots and create dangerous situations pulling people over not on this side "truck route" but right at the mouth of the 787 exit/entrance ramps.

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