Hastings-On-Hudson, New York Speed Traps

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Warburton Ave – South

Hastings-On-Hudson, New YorkApr 05, 20100 Comments

Expect police to set up speed traps anywhere along the southern portion of Warburton Ave – I’ve seen them everywhere between the coffee shop and the bus turnout mentioned previously.

Farragut Avenue near Olinda Avenue

Hastings-On-Hudson, New YorkMar 05, 20080 Comments

Police cruisers are often spotted on the south side of Olinda and facing Farragut. They are looking out for people breaking the 25mph (or 20mph school zone) speed limit or failing to come to a complete stop at the 3-way stop.

Warburton Avenue near Yonkers Town Line

Hastings-On-Hudson, New YorkFeb 23, 20070 Comments

Police sit in the public bus turnout and can be difficult to see, or park across the street. The speed limit on this fairly empty and wide road is only 30 MPH and police will ticket for even 3 – 5 MPH over the limit.

Broadway (rt 9) about 300 feet north of the 5-corners intersection

Hastings-On-Hudson, New YorkDec 10, 20020 Comments

as stated in the other hastings-on-hudson speed trap notice on this website that someone graciously posted(i have been warned twice at that one), our hastings cops are tough on speeders. this NEW trap can catch you off guard, even though the cop is easy to see. if you are travelling north or south on broadway, he (or she cuz we now have a lady cop too) sits on the northbound side of broadway DIRECTLY ACROSS FROM THE 2 BRICK APARTMENT BUILDINGS!! beware ive seen them there more and more lately, all random times. THE LIMIT IS 30MPH HERE. its easy to get nabbed if you’re trying to beat a red light thru 5 corners— u’re glad u make it and continue north on broadway only to find that your speed picked up to 40 or 45 as u went thru the light and bam. good luck. also note that the rivertowns is a terrible place to speed if you dont know the speed traps well enough.

North Broadway between Yonkers and Farragut Parkway

Hastings-On-Hudson, New YorkJul 13, 20020 Comments

There is a large hill on North Broaway as you approach the "five corners" intersetion where North Broadway and Farragut Parkway meet. The speed limit is 30 mph and the local police sit on the Nrothbound side at the bottom of the hill off to the right in a small turnoff so they are hidden to people coming over the hill. When they are there, usually on the weekend, they pull over people constantly. It is extremely difficult to observe the 30 mph limit coming down that VERY large hill. The locals know about it–others beware

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