Lodi, New York Speed Traps

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Route 414 heading south out of Lodi, NY

Lodi, New YorkAug 13, 20120 Comments

As you leave the town of Lodi, the speed limit is still 30. You can see the 55 MPH sign just a couple hundred yards away. My son, who was meeting the rest of the family at a house we rented on Seneca Lake for the NASCAR race at Watkins Glen, was following a couple other vehicles. Everyone started to accelerate as they saw the 55 MPH sign. My son was 3rd in line following the other vehicles. Of course there was a NYS trooper parked just 100 feet from the 55 MPH sign. The trooper pulled out and pulled over my son. The trooper could have very well pulled over the other 2 drivers, but since my son was the last car, he was nailed. The driver in front of my son pulled over thinking possibly he was going to ticketed. When he saw it wasn’t going to be him, he took off. My daughter was in the car with my son & thought it the whole thing was comical that the trooper pulled him over for starting to accelerate. These troopers have nothing better to do in these redneck towns. This is bullbleep. My son was nailed for going 45 in a 30 with the 55 MPH sign only feet away. Redneck cops in a typical Hicktown USA. He has pleaded not guilty ~ we’ll see what happens.

State Route 414

Lodi, New YorkJun 22, 20051 Comments

As you head north on Rt. 414 from Watkins Glen, watch out for a small town called Lodi. The speed limit drops drastically from 55 to 30 and they don’t give you any leeway to decrease your speed. I was just in court with at least 2 other people caught at the exact same spot. The tickets are very expensive too!

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