Ossining, New York Speed Traps

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State Route 9A near Ryder Road

Ossining, New YorkJun 02, 20080 Comments

Ossining Police position themselves on the Ryder Road overpass of Route 9A and target Northbound traffic with Lidar around midday, or any time between the morning and evening Rush hour.
Chase cars are positioned a little further up the road and will pull vehicles over on the wide shoulder around the big bend in the road across from the old Armory.
When traveling northbound, as soon as you crest the little hill adjacent to the Route 133 exit you are in target range. And Lidar targeting is extremely accurate.

P.S. – – Occasionally they will target Southbound traffic from that same overpass.

State Highway 9A near Stormytown Road

Ossining, New YorkJul 04, 20070 Comments

Cops sit in several locations around the intersection of 9A & Stormytown Rd. They are checking not only for speeders, but for those who make the illegal left from Stormytown onto 9A North. This location is quite tricky as a southbound driver as you have been accelerating uphill for about a mile, and then right after the crest of the hill, just as you start down hill BAM! Use all hours except rush hours, however enforcement is greatest here under cover of darkness. They will also chase NORTH from here if the perp is going fast enough. Do not resume your speed until you are under the Hawkes Av underpass, and even then, they could be at the 134 interection, or in the Armory driveway which is just after the big curve.

State Route 9A near Croton Dam Road

Ossining, New YorkJul 24, 20060 Comments

Cop sits in a hidden driveway before the intersection between 9a north and rte 134 (croton dam road) after the long turn.

State Route 9 North Bound near BP Gas Station

Ossining, New YorkAug 04, 20050 Comments

On Northbound Route 9 past the Arcadian Shopping Center, OPD sits on the driveway of 7 storey building besides BP gas station and opp to Dunkin donut.

State Route 9A near State Route 134

Ossining, New YorkMay 11, 20040 Comments

Ossining PD patrol sits at NE corner of the intersection of Rte 9A and Rte 134 (near 134 bypass)in Ossining waiting for any reason to pull you over to give out speeding tickets or gratuitous citations (eg. commercial vehicle without fire extinguisher "mounted" to vehicle). This town is RIDICULOUSLY strict on traffic laws and generates a great deal of revenue on traffic tickets. Avoid this town if you can.

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