Pound Ridge, New York Speed Traps

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Westchester Ave (Rt 124) Leaving Scotts Corners

Pound Ridge, New YorkOct 20, 20150 Comments

As you leave Scotts Corners there is a long, flat straightaway where the speed limit is just 30 mph. Easy to keep at 30 right out of Scotts Corners, but really hard to maintain that speed on the flat straight road. Police usually sit on the opposite (inbound to Scotts Corners) side. They’ll allow 35-40, but be careful over 40. Convenient place for the police as the station is about 1/2 mile up on the right.

Westchester Ave (Rt 124) entering Pound Ridge from New Canaa

Pound Ridge, New YorkJan 23, 20150 Comments

As you enter Pound Ridge on Westchester Ave (Rt. 124) from New Canaan CT Oenoke Ridge (Rt 124), the local police sit just over the border or at the bottom of the hill in a parking lot. They sit where they can see the road clearly, but are partially hidden behind 2 large trees. The speed limit drops from 35 in CT to 30 in NY. They have posted a “speed enforcement zone” sign and they mean it.

State Route 137 near Pound Ridge Town Park

Pound Ridge, New YorkMay 21, 20070 Comments

Cop sits off side of the road, usually across the street from the park entrance, at the bottom of the valley. Car is usually hidden by overhanging branches. Speed limit is 30 but 1/4 mile further south it’s 40. Easy to speed here ’cause of the downslope.

State Route 172 near Pound Ridge Motors

Pound Ridge, New YorkMay 09, 20050 Comments

This trap occurs somewhere within about a 100 yard distance. the two main landmarks to alert you of this are Hoyt rd. and the intersection of route 137/Westchester Ave. and Rt 172/Pound Ridge Rd. These are on either side of the area of the speed trap. The locations where the cops sit are in either the parking lot of Pound Ridge Motors, a spot that can catch people speeding through the Pound Ridge Elementary School Zone and from up Rt. 172/Pound Ridge Rd., and in the entranceway of the Pound Ridge Elementary School. When approaching from the West, or the Rt. 172/Pound Ridge Rd. side, you will pass Hoyt Rd. on your leFort At this time, it is important to slow down to the signed 40 MPH speed limit. This speed isn’t too unreasonable, but easily exceeded and when you come over the crest of the hill, the cops doing radar can catch you from afar. The cops are sitting at the base of the hill in the Pound Ridge Motors parking lot and are approximately 20 yds. into a 30 MPH zone. It is easy to not slow down in time for this because it drops dramtically in a short time.

From the other direction, it is more difficult to get caught because the only possible way to enter this piece of road is from one of two turns. this means it’s hard to take these turns at over 30 MPH going into the school zone. You are far more safe fro mthis direction.

State Route 124 near west Lane

Pound Ridge, New YorkJun 20, 20040 Comments

Both town of Pound Ridge Police and NY State Police like to sit on either side of the hill that crests at west lane. most common spots are the town park parkinglot, the driveway directly across the street from it (hidden by grass), and the dirt shoulder between west lane and high ridge road.
another popular spot for police to hide is approxamately one mile further on in the direction of the town. driving towards the town from the park they are located on the right hand side in any of several sideroads.

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