Riverdale, New York Speed Traps

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Irwin Ave. betw. 231st and 238 st.

Riverdale, New YorkJan 24, 20110 Comments

It is a residential road that people use to bypass Broadway as B’way is congested. Other parallel roads have stop signs. This road does not. It is wider and has a dotted yellow line to allow passing, but beware: marked and unmarked NYPD cars from the 50th precinct sit on "donut break" to catch anyone going over 30mph. It you move 30mph you are fine as you should be happy you are traveling with out stopping/starting, but the nature of congestion in The Bronx lulls you into a sense of "hey I can go faster here" mentality. Simply put: Don’t. The 50th uses Irwin Ave. to feed the payroll of New York City’s inflated budget, although you shouldn’t be speeding anyway. This post is to try and make things safer for all of us.

Henry Hudson Parkway North

Riverdale, New YorkDec 29, 20100 Comments

There is a stop sign at the end of the entrance ramp to the northbound Henry Hudson Parkway at 237 St. Most people run this sign so they can merge into traffic. NYPD highway sits behind here waiting for you.

B’way/US-9 Betw. Van Cortlandt Pk So and Henry Hudson pkwy.

Riverdale, New YorkNov 30, 20100 Comments

Speed limit is 30mph. The 50th precinct uses this little straightaway for generating revenue, especially around the holiday season.
1- off ramp from Van Cort. Pk. So. to B’way north, there is an officer standing on the curb of the triangle checking each vehicle for seat belt, cell phone and to make sure you come to a complete stop. This is usually in the AM rush hour.
2- in the evening rush hour, anyone with a busted taillight gets pulled over. You often see 2 or 3 cars at a time pulled over.
3- The left turn lane on B-way northbound to W. 242 st (to go “up the hill” to Riverdale). If you “cheat” and straddle that left turn lane, you’ll get nailed. There is a Dunkin Donuts across the street under the elevated subway (where it ends there). There are officers not only in squad cars, but on foot as well to nail you. The precinct in only 4 blocks away. This strip of road is the trap of all traps in the NW Bronx!

BEWARE! Bloomberg needs money. The “Five-O” is the revenue collector.

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