White Plains, New York Speed Traps

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S. Westchester Ave. Approaching Wm. Butcher Bridge

White Plains, New YorkFeb 19, 20101 Comments

Police car sits at roadside of three-lane Avenue, usually empty of cars outside rush hour. Road runs alongside I-287 where speed is typically 60mph – but on S. Westchester Ave., limit is 40mph. Like shooting fish in a barrel for citizens entering or leaving I-287.

Fischer Avenue near Railroad Crossing

White Plains, New YorkApr 16, 20080 Comments

Not a speed trap, but if you are coming off of the Bronx River or coming out of the auxiliary parking for the North White Train station and you go under that one lane Train Overpass, watch out the cops like to sit there and get you for cell phone, seatbelt, registration, and inspection. usually the end of the month when quota time is due.

North Broadway Way near Virginia Avenue

White Plains, New YorkApr 16, 20080 Comments

OK it’s really just called North Broadway, but this website won’t let me put it in that way, but as you are heading North on North Broadway going downhill toward The A Plus staion and Virginia Road/Avenue (whatever it is) the cop will sit just south of the gas station, posted speed is 30MPH while you have 3 funfilled lanes (going downhill mind you) in which to pick up speed…so after you pass the junction with 287 just make sure to monitor your speed.

Bloomingdale Road near Mamaroneck Avenue

White Plains, New YorkApr 16, 20080 Comments

When going from Mamaroneck Ave down to Bloomingdale Road, the cops sits and takes radar on the zebra stripes of the second entrance to Bloomingdales(the store, and oddly enough no relation to the street name). this is usually mid day or PM rush hour, but I have not seen this one in several months.

State Route 119 near White Plains train station Crossing

White Plains, New YorkJan 15, 20080 Comments

Travelling into White Plains. Between the intersection of Central Ave. and the White Plains train station underpass on 119. Speed limit drops to 30mph, on a road with 3-4 lanes where going 40-50 wouldn’t be unsafe. At night, officers in dark-colored unmarked cars wait in unlit parking lots on the right side of the road, and are merciless– got an 11-point ticket for (long story short) trying to catch a movie. I used to be a fast driver; now I drive like grandma.

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