Advance, North Carolina Speed Traps

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801 S & NC US HWY 158

Advance, North CarolinaSep 21, 20100 Comments

158 & 801 S, 7.5 miles. In 2000, I worked 2nd shift & overtime. Blue lighted multiple times, by same deputy, whom now is a seargant. Was never given a reason, nor ticketed, although was invited to come and sit in his ‘car.’

158 at car wash. Blue lighted, spent a total of 1 hour & 40 minutes. First questions ask, where are you going, car wash I responded, are you on medication, yes I responded. Deputy wanted to know what kind and how to spell them. Does this car belong to you, no I responded.

I explained, ‘have family from out of town, just left BP (I saw deputy pull into BP and saw deputy following me) going to wash car, apparently am not going to be able to wash car, as you can see, it’s roped off, appears they have resurfaced.’

Me & my 12 year old niece waited an hour before deputy returned with my license & registration, apologized for ‘it’ taking so long, ‘the information came back that you were terrorist.’ He stated, ‘I’m sure it’s an error, don’t know how the error occured.’ Deputy continuously ask, who’s car is this and had I had anything thing to drink.’ I continuously responded, "no."

Deputy ask me to step out of the vehicle and wanted to know who that was in the car. Responded, my 12 year old niece. Deputy instructed me to stay right here, let me talk to her and you’ll be on your way, he walked to passenger side and spoke with my 12 year old nice, for 20 minutes, I could not hear conversation.

Deputy walked back to me and said, "Will you do me one more favor, would you be willing to take a breathalyzer test." I responded, ‘yes sir.’ Deputy stated it’s simple test. Deputy walked to his car came back with instrument, instructed me how to blow and I did.

He removed a ‘white tube’ throw it on hood of his vehicle and stated, "I hate to do this, I am going to have give you a warning ticket, go ahead sit back in car, it want take me to long. I stated, I’m headed Wilco, you want me to throw away that tube on your hood. Deputy handed me white tube.

Deputy returned with yellow warning ticket said have a safe 4th. Check on warning ticket was ‘driving may impede traffic.’ After 1 hour & 40 minutes, impede traffic, he has been way out of line, now this, I thought.

There’s a few more stories I will not share about this county. Most folks say, Davie runs on that Good Old Boys System.

NC 801 south of US-64

Advance, North CarolinaMay 10, 20100 Comments

As NC 801 south of US-64 passes through Duke power game lands there is a long deep dip in road where you have a tendency to speed up as you go downhill.

NC Highway Patrol sits hidden on opposite side of dip and they clock you as you speed up going downhill.

NC 801

Advance, North CarolinaJul 08, 20030 Comments

Real late at night around 1 AMat the intersection of NC 801 and US 158 there are State Troopers and Davie County Sherrif department vehicles sitting in gas station parking lots and the bank. I often see two vehicles in a parking lot. This area is almost completely deserted real late at night, making you easy prey. If you pass through this area late at night, don’t you even dare try to tempt them. They will get you for everything, tail lights, tag lights, ect ect. Whatever they can come up with, they will get you. I’ve been pulled over by a few of them this time of the evening and let me tell you, they are not very nice guys. Also it is not at all uncommon to have liscense check points set up on the I-40 off ramp. Be careful in Advance real late at night. The cops are ticket happy and you will be completely at their mercy.

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