Fayetteville, North Carolina Speed Traps

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Dobbin holmes rd unmarked sports vehicle

Fayetteville, North CarolinaMar 20, 20170 Comments

I passed a white sports car on my left; which, turned out to be a trooper. To my surprise he gave me a court summon and not speeding ticket, the summon has me going 80 in a 60.  I reside in Connecticut which is 9 hour drive. How do i get rid of this? Do i have to show up? How much money are we talking about?

Raeford Road at Lakeshore Drive (Residential area)

Fayetteville, North CarolinaFeb 19, 20110 Comments

If you pass Highland Country Club en route to downtown, Raeford Rd. drops the left lane at the bottom of a long hill. Police are commonly situated right by the creek at the bottom of the hill, and their equipment will detect your speed long before you pass them. Typically, cars go 10-15 over on this hill, and lots of vehicles pass in the left lane to get out of it before it drops–they almost always get pulled. Furthermore, people usually fish in the creek on nice days and park their cars in the same area as a cop would. By the time people can judge who is parked there, if it happens to be FPD, it is too late.

Also, I have seen people get snagged going up the hill, as well. The speed limit is 35 and doesn’t increase for another 1/4 mile. Accelerating too early will get you pulled if they are patrolling this area, and it’s easy to put too much pressure on the gas due to the length of the uphill.

Honeycutt Road, the hill before you hit texas lake

Fayetteville, North CarolinaAug 14, 20101 Comments

The speed limit is 45 mostly down honeycutt and there is a steep hill that curves to the right eventually ending at Texas Lake. Cops sit in the dirt patch in from of the lake to catch those coming down the hill. Relatives have gotten tickets there for going 55+. It’s better to hit the top of the hill going 30-35 and don’t accelerate down the hill or brake. Don’t wanna be burning up your brake pads.

Cliffdale Road near Fayetteville Academy

Fayetteville, North CarolinaMar 03, 20101 Comments

Patrol cars station themselves in the Academy Parking Lot on weekends or simply patrol the street on a regular basis. The speed limit drops from 45 to 35 once you cross over McPherson Church Road heading towards downtown.

Santa Fe Road

Fayetteville, North CarolinaJun 03, 20082 Comments

Exiting All American going East on Santa Fe, the speed limit drops from 45 to 35 on a blind turn…you cant see the 35 sign until it is too late, it is also located at the bottom of a hill, so you tend to go slightly over that 45 limit. I was stopped doing 47 in a 35.

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