Hickory, North Carolina Speed Traps

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Interstate 40

Hickory, North CarolinaDec 08, 20050 Comments

Beware I-40 in the vicinity of Hickory, NC. This is not so much a trap as it is a very blatant revenue enhancement zone. I drive I-40 across the whole state end to end each week and there is nowhere else on the entire length of the I-40 interstate in North Carolina where I see blue lights *every single time*. This is not a particularly dangerous stretch of road, but the speed limit drops from 70 to 65 and they take advantage of the fact that a large majority of drivers are moving at 75-80mph (not unreasonable for this road on a typical dry day) when they enter the enforcement zone.

I 40 access Road

Hickory, North CarolinaJan 22, 20040 Comments

A road conecting I-40 to Hwy. 70 off of exit 119B. The road is wide and smoth with little traffic, but don’t let that fool you it’s only a 45mph zone and after getting off I-40 doing 65 you really have to watch your speedometer because 45 feels so slow. This road has many pull offs where the cops hide, but if you look closely you can often see that gray metalic stripe on the side of the car as they are waiting on speeders. They are especially bad on the morning comute. They will pull you for just 10 mph over. Remember you are still in Burke county where it is tougher to get a ticket reduced or droped than just over the line in catawba county(Hickory).

exit 121 off I-40

Hickory, North CarolinaOct 18, 20030 Comments

Local Longview officers will wait near a 55 mph sign (the only speed limit sign visible when entering from westbound I-40) as you pass the sign they will stop you and explain that it is "understood" that the limit is 35. (the 35 sign is posted before the ramp entrance to Longview road and not possible to be seen) If you contest the ticket they will immediatly offer to reduce to a non-moving violation and a $150.00 fine. This must however be done in person at the district court building on an appointed date. Should you desire to further contest you will be required to take another day and sit in traffic court. They try very hard to sell you on paying the reduced ticket to avoid wasting another day.

NC Highway 127 starting at US 321 Exit 42

Hickory, North CarolinaJun 24, 20030 Comments

For over 40 years The Town of Brookford has supported it’s economy through speeding tickets. Now they have the new 5 lane NC 127 connecting I-40 (Exit 123) & US 321 (Exit 42)into downtown Hickory. A long history of following drivers between the 2 miles of town limits. One mile over and you get pulled. Only one police car in this little Mayberry, so if you see it in use you’re in the clear.

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