Jacksonville, North Carolina Speed Traps

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Hwy 24

Jacksonville, North CarolinaJan 11, 20230 Comments

One state patrol will be facing going towards Jacksonville. Down Hwy 24 going toward Swansboro, NC a State Patrol will be parked going the opposite direction.

Corner of LOWES FOODS and Western BLVD Behind Lowes Foods

Jacksonville, North CarolinaSep 22, 20150 Comments

This is an area where JPD hides behind Lowe’s Foods. If you pull out of Lowe’s Foods on the Hungry Howies end to go to the light you have to make a right turn once you realize you cannot go left. Once you make the right turn there is a sign that says no U turn. This is where you realize that you have to travel through a subdivision neighborhood to turn around to go back to the light. If you make the left any way because it is WIDE open JPD hides behind Lowe’s Foods and catches you turning left at the no U turn sign. While I was getting my ticket eight others did the same thing. You cannot get out the other side because there is no light and traffic is moving briskly and it is near impossible to turn left out the other side on the Gumbranch Road. Beware of this please. This is a $213.00 ticket and they know you are going to do it. They know the traffic is messed up and they do not care. They right tickets there daily/hourly.

Huff off of Western Blvd

Jacksonville, North CarolinaMar 02, 20110 Comments

This road can easily handle 30-35 MPH, yet the speed limit is 25. Today, a cop did nothing but ride up and down, see a car coming from the opposite direction, do a U-turn, and issue tickets – even for a few miles over the limit!

I consulted w/ an attorney today and was told that she thought the city’s running out of $ and trying to make up for it in court costs! Beware!

US HWY 17 Near MCAS New River

Jacksonville, North CarolinaJul 12, 20101 Comments

Just to clarify, this is on Hwy 17 Bypass, not Hwy 17 Business (locals cant keep thell the two apart).

The bridge that goes over Hwy 17 right after you get on the Jacksonville Bypass (According to Google Maps, its the White St Bridge) is loaded with cops. Its only JPD, but every time I have gone past, its a Charger. They also have some special equipment on the top of their roof, looks like a set of cameras from what I can tell. Cops will sit on either side of the bridge (northbound or southbound) and will be as far right as they can be. Northbound is easy to spot if you are in the far left lane, Southbound is impossible to spot until you are within 1000ft. They also sit in the grass median, and often sit on the side of the bridge in the grass. I have seen a JPD Charger sitting in the grass facing Northbound turn around and take off Southbound after someone. Use Caution during peak hours, JPD goes after that area like white on rice at busy times. Late night hours are so much of an issue oddly enough.

Southwest VFD – Pony Farm Rd

Jacksonville, North CarolinaJul 12, 20101 Comments

This is both a speed trap, and a license trap.

So far its mostly been NC State Troopers, but there have been the ocasional Onslow Co. Sheriff. Normally in packs of two, the cars get parked so one is in either direction for speed traps, and license traps the cars are parked, lights on, and officers are out in the road wearing vests.

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