Kernersville, North Carolina Speed Traps

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Macy Grove Rd heading to Main St

Kernersville, North CarolinaSep 30, 20220 Comments

This part of Macy Grove Rd has only been open for a few years now but has likely been responsible for a lot of tickets since then. The speed limit is set to 45 but the road is built like a highway with a large median. The rest of the road has a speed limit of 50 or more, even though there are tighter curves and a lot of the traffic coming off of I-40 tends to drive 55-60 down this portion as well. Road signs are posted but police are constantly trying to pull people as they are realizing the change in speed and slowing down. They claim that they constantly get phone calls from residents nearby that people are driving too fast down that road and they use this as an excuse to patrol that road regularly.

Shields Rd., turning from Hwy 66

Kernersville, North CarolinaAug 12, 20140 Comments

I turned from Hwy 66 to shields road the speed sign said 45. around the curve it became 35 with only a sign in the curve that you could not see until you where already in the curve and going 45.
I mentioned this to the Fitness one workout center (whose driveway the cop was sitting in) and I was told Cops sit there all the time and entrap people that do not know the curve is 35.
I believe this is a cheap shot for Kernersville Police Dept and it is definately a speed trap.

Old Winston Road to Hopkins Road

Kernersville, North CarolinaMar 01, 20140 Comments

The first left, off of Main Street after exiting Business Interstate 40 and heading East, is Old Winston Road. A single 35MPH Speed Limit sign is posted on Old Winston Road, just after passing through the curvy and very heavily congested commercial area between Papa Johns Pizza and J. Pepper’s Restaurant. The road merges with Hopkins Road after taking a right through a yield sign and there is not another Speed Limit Sign posted until about another mile down the road, where there is then a 45MPH Speed Limit sign posted. There are then a series of extreme curves and cautionary (yellow) speed reccommendation signs, one curve is 35MPH recommended and the next is 30MPH recommended.

Officer’s sit, eager to ticket violators, in the 7th Day Adventist Church parking lot along Old Winston Road, just before the yield sign at the merge, clocking people who pass through the tempting downhill straight-away towards the merge.

My experience was as follows: Around 9pm on a Friday night, after having traveled the interstate from the east on 2-28-2014, heading home after a 300 mile round trip (with no incidences to this point and I was less than 5 miles from home); without another car in sight when passing the 7th Day Adventist Church Parking Lot, head-lights suddenly came on (I was probably cruising at 40MPH in the 35MPH zone) and an officer proceeded to whip out of the parking lot and get behind me, at which time I set the cruise control on 37MPH. Over the next three miles, through the unposted zone on Hopkins Road and then through the series of low cautionary speed zones, the officer was one car length or less behind me- I suppose trying to push me to increase my speed through a down-hill run – and to try to force me to cross the center line through the extreme curves. After this initmidation tactic, having not gotten me to speed or drive poorly (despite effort- having tailgated me the whole distance) the officer raced past me and turned right upon reaching the double lane intersection at Talley’s Crossing; the intersection of of Hopkins Road and West Mountain Street.

Main st. / E. Mountain st.

Kernersville, North CarolinaDec 12, 20120 Comments

Cop is always on the corner here by the tanning shop. un-marked State trooper occassionaly on mountain st between tanning place and parks chevrolet

The town

Kernersville, North CarolinaOct 29, 20110 Comments

The police are everywhere in this town, on the highways and neighborhoods. Be sure to drive slow and safe. They have unmarked cars and motorcycles.

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