Maysville, North Carolina Speed Traps

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New Maysville bypass Hwy 17

Maysville, North CarolinaMar 18, 20191 Comments

The new Maysville bypass on hwy 17 now completely skips past Maysville, so now the police that was giving out tickets in the 35mph zone in that little town, is now parked (hidden) on the side of the new bypass. So watch out on 17 you will still get a ticket like I did EVEN if you not going through Maysville!

US 17 N just inside town limits and US 58 just inside city.

Maysville, North CarolinaMar 23, 20140 Comments

Officer parks southbound on US 17 N on edge of city limits in 35 mph zone 500 ft from 55 mph sign. You must slow down fast before you reach the 35mph sign. Maysville apparently relies on speeding tickets for revenue. The western approach to town for beach goers taking short-cut is another trap. Be under 35 before coming into sight of the water tower. Leaving Maysville on Highway 58 is the primary trap as another 35 mph sign is located less than200 feet from the 55 mph sign. The idea is for you to speed up before you reach the 55 sign. Look to your left to see an unmarked police car parked in the low income housing apartments. One mph over the speed limit equals a ticket in Maysville. The Chief of police and his officers are very aggressive and attempt to intimidate drivers when they are stopped. Maysville is also notorious for DWI check points to catch tourists coming from the beach. Beware of Maysville and its police. Even those of us who live in the area try to avoid going through Maysville except to go to New Bern.

U.S. Hwy. 17 – Just Before Town

Maysville, North CarolinaApr 29, 20100 Comments

3 nights a week they have a road block in the same spot – 1/2 mile before the town. Usually starting around 10:00 pm.

State Highway 58 near State Highway 17

Maysville, North CarolinaNov 23, 20050 Comments

hwy 58 leaving Maysville, NC the hwy is clearly marked 35, but where the speed changes to 55 the spacing between the actual 35 and 55 zone signs is 200 paces. Note that the 55 sign is visable from the 35 sign. At this point I proceed to increase my speed and reach 55 at the 55 zone sign.
I was stopped and ticketed and was told the speed is 35 until you reach the 55 sign. In review of this location I have notice that the city police find this area attractive to hide and radar people accelerating to the the 55 limit.

Hwy 58

Maysville, North CarolinaJul 01, 20010 Comments

If you successfully navigate Polocksville (7 miles from Maysville) without Fife pulling you over, his cousin, Festus resides in Maysville and has traded in his mule for a car with bright blue lights. Being of simple mind, Festus derives much pleasure from flashing the fancy blues as often as possible, after all someone has to pay for the squad car in this place.

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