Murphy, North Carolina Speed Traps

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Route 74

Murphy, North CarolinaJun 28, 20120 Comments

Route 74 from Topton NC, Valley Town, Andrews, to Murphy NC employ VERY abusive traffic enforcement to steal money from tourists. Tickets of $200 are very common. Do not make ANY stops or spend ANY money in ANY BUSINESS along this route. They are predators.

60 Spur South to Blue Ridge

Murphy, North CarolinaApr 10, 20111 Comments

This stretch is constantly patrolled by unmarked NCHP. Speed limit is 55mph but its easy to go faster: no traffic and it’s a large 4 lane hwy.

Entering into the town of Murphy from McDonald’s

Murphy, North CarolinaMar 15, 20100 Comments

The speed limit drops from 35 to 20 and is almost impossible to do if you aren’t aware of it.

US Highway 129 near US Highway 129

Murphy, North CarolinaMar 26, 20080 Comments

The four lane, US 129 between Murphy, NC and Andrews, NC has been a real speed trap for years. Recently the 55 mph limit was raised to 60 mph in sections of that road but not all. NCHP and local Cherokee County sheriff are on that road a great deal of the time with radar/laser set ups. I drive this road twice every week and most of the time I see pullovers by the troopers. Sometimes they work with two-three NCHP cars.

State Highways 19/74 near Hwy 141 near Marble Crossing

Murphy, North CarolinaNov 06, 20051 Comments

Fifteen mile stretch of contolled access 4 lane with wide medium, rural area. Posted 55mph. Similar stretches 65 mph (Bryson City). Constantly patrolled, high revenue source for Murphy/Cherokee County. State Patrol often approaching from opposite lane, without verification of reading. By my own unofficial count, cited patrol 87 of the last 100 times I transversed this 15 mile section. Constantly see stopped cars, most from out of state. Locals know the situation and avoid.

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