Old Fort, North Carolina Speed Traps

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Bat Cave Road

Old Fort, North CarolinaFeb 25, 20100 Comments

About 1 mile or less the State Troopers sit on the side of the road, curves both ways. When you see them too late! 35 MPH and this is out of town! So if you are going 40 they will get you!

Old Fort, NC

Old Fort, North CarolinaJan 06, 20101 Comments

Small stop on I-40. Town with 3 red lights and 30 miles an hour through the town. Do not go over the speed limit by even one mile

State Route 70 near Just as you exit off I-40 at exit 73 eastbound

Old Fort, North CarolinaDec 18, 20063 Comments

This one is a classic speed trap to boost the town budget. As you exit off of I-40 eastbound, after coming down through "The Old Fort Gap" a long down hill grade of five miles, the exit ramp is open, graded turn, tendency is to just let your foot off the gas and start dropping off speed. Around the first corner, however, the speed limit suddenly drops to 30 mph, just before the RR bridge overpass and there he is, waiting on the other side of the bridge. Detectors are useless, traffic is rarely heavy, your first warning is your detector screaming and its too late. I sat at the railroad depot, waiting for a friend recently and watched the show. As fast as the officer could write out tickets, he was raking them in. Tendency is very high priced tickets since coasting at a safe speed, you are still most likely going 45-50 mph. This is a classic, unfair speed trap, with poorly placed speed limit signs. I have a red sports car, use this exit frequently and believe me, I slam on the brakes before hitting that curve, and more than once with my detector screaming, I’ve drifted by at 25 mph and wave, the cop obviously a bit miffed he hadn’t nailed me. Again, its the first exit into Old Fort, eastbound on I-40. Also, at the top of the gap, heading westbound, state troopers love to lurk at the top of the exit 66 ramp, nailing folks speeding up after the long climb up the mountain. See them there at least a couple of times a week. So on either end of the gap, be cautious.

Old Fort Mountain–I 40, both ways

Old Fort, North CarolinaAug 09, 20020 Comments

Old Fort Mountain is a beautifully steep, curvy, wide and only moderately traveled road–great for driving enthusiasts, both going up and down. I used to travel it everyday and had a blast. I believe it’s around a nice 5 mile run. But there are a total of three middle emergency turn arounds where state troopers love to park in: one at the top, one about 3.5 mi down and the other about a half mile from the bottom. The second one is the toughest, as you are just coming off a left curve heading down a straightway. It’s really hard to pull off going fast; your best bet is to just go the speed limit. I was able to pull it off just by watching the cars in front of me brake lights–if I saw them come on before I made it around that corner, I put on the brakes; because after you go around that corner, you’re screwed.

Main strip from I-40 E exit 72 through town.

Old Fort, North CarolinaAug 09, 20022 Comments

This town is really trying to keep its "quiet, ole town" feel so don’t fool around! The speed limit is rediculously low–25–and they enforce it with a vengeance. I used to work 2nd shift at Ethan Allen and at 3:30 in the morning, with absolutely nobody on the road, I was pulled over for doing 35. Also, from Exit 72 into town the cops like to pull off on the side of the road–speed limit drops from 55 to 45 to 25 within 3/4 of a mile.

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