Summersville, North Carolina Speed Traps

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Route 19 Close to Summersville Hospital

Summersville, North CarolinaFeb 10, 20170 Comments

I was born in Richwood WV, and lived in Summersville for a long time, Along route 19 that goes through Summersville, the are a lot of cops that sit along that stretch of road, they have the speed limits posted to where you don’t have enough time to change speeds between them, So if you are 1 mph over the limit, you get pulled over and ticketed, If you have out of state tags, you get pulled over and ticketed, If you have someone they know or recognize, you get pulled over and searched, which by the way, if you have out of state tags, be prepared to be searched when stopped, When they first started this speed trap, it was all good for them but a lot of out of state people were not paying, so I guess they took it as they was not making the money intended with these set up speed traps, So now, they have changed things a bit, They have credit and debit card readers in their patrol vehicles, If you get pulled and ticketed, you are expected to pay right then, unless you are protesting and making a trip back to fight it in court and protest it, or spend 5 times that for a lawyer, The summersville city has gotten that entire place wired up for making money, If you don’t pay your ticket, they will lock you up until you do, I have seen it happen, Along route 19 in West Virginia is one place you do not want to speed, if you have to travel it, go 5 mph under and get through as quickly as possible and don’t stop, because it is also full of addicts and murderers that will rob and whatever they have to so they can get your money, Avoid Summersville WV (Nicholas County)

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