Wake Forest, North Carolina Speed Traps

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Off of business 98 between the mcdonalds and the seminary.

Wake Forest, North CarolinaSep 03, 20150 Comments

A cop will sit in his car on a paved extension of the shoulder of the road behind some trees, on the south side of the street.

hwy 401 (louisburg rd) at Durant

Wake Forest, North CarolinaSep 02, 20150 Comments

There are a number of motor cycle cops pulling over 3 and 4 cars at a time. Ticketing for speeding, even for a few mile an hour over the posted 50mph limit. So far I’ve been seeing this huge money making trap each day during the late morning and early afternoon.

Capital Blvd – under bridge by Retail Drive

Wake Forest, North CarolinaJun 21, 20130 Comments

Do not speed on US1/Capital Blvd in Wake Forest – especially under the bridge (retail drive – near Goodberry’s/Chic-Fil-A). Cops are almost always monitoring this section.

Entire town of Wake Forest

Wake Forest, North CarolinaAug 15, 20110 Comments

This town has way too many city police and cars for a town of this population. They are either patrolling or setting up ambushes 24/7 365 days a year. They have taken Serve and Protect to Hunt down and Shake down for the money. Just don’t speed in this town. They are the kind of police that make the public dislike police….period.

Heritage Lake Road between Rogers Rd and Hwy 98

Wake Forest, North CarolinaMar 22, 20110 Comments

This is a 35 zone. The road is wide and has several hills. WFPD love to drive up and down this road using radar. They will also sit off of the side of the road stationary, using radar. Sometimes you will see 2 or more cars patrolling at a time in this one small area. Most likely, most of the road would be fine at 45mph. Oddly, they never seem to patrol Heritage Club Drive, which turns off of Heritage Lake Rd. Drivers fly through there. Lots of kids and very residential.

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