Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina Speed Traps

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Salisbury Avenue

Wrightsville Beach, North CarolinaSep 27, 20100 Comments

The Wrightville Beach Police Department enforces speed vigorously along Salisbury Avenue, especially on the end closest to Johnnie Mercer’s Pier. I was pulled for going seven over and could not even get to a safe place because the car was riding dangerously close behind me. As one cop spoke to me my friend brought to my attention that the other was searching my vehicle. I attempted to inform this officer he did not have permission to search my vehicle and was yelled down for making a sudden movement. The officer informed me that he had me on camera hiding something although I had not. The search didn’t turn up anything and I was written a ticket. I was absolutely humiliated by the attempt to criminalize me. Be very patient when dealing with these guys and avoid them if you can.

Wrightsville Avenue near Bridge

Wrightsville Beach, North CarolinaApr 21, 20080 Comments

WBPD will pull you over for anything! If you’re a nice looking female and it’s after mid-night be prepard to be pulled over and chated with. These guys break so many laws it’s retarded. They always try and search everything!

Wrightsville Loop

Wrightsville Beach, North CarolinaMar 23, 20080 Comments

All along the loop the speed limit is enforced. Speed is 35 and just a bit over and they will pull you. Wrightsville Beach is a pretty safe area so the cops have nothing to do but pull people over.

Anywhere on Lumina Dr.

Wrightsville Beach, North CarolinaAug 03, 20031 Comments

when you first go over the bridge onto wrightsville beach, the posted speed is 35. you go around a bend towards the left and the road becomes lumina, and the speed changes to 25, which is hard to see if there are alot of tourists out (alot of distraction, and the sign isn’t very obvious). these cops will pull you for going even 4 over, their excuse is there are people out walking, but i live in wilmington and know about their erosion problem, so the revenue is going to repair the homes of rich people who live there (heard this from several people and 2 professors). i was behind 2 other people doing 35, so i was going their speed and the cop pulled me over. he was a real jerk about it, i was at least trying to show that i honestly thought the limit was 35, and that i had just moved there and was looking for the road i was supposed to turn off on. he didn’t care.

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