Cincinnati, Ohio Speed Traps

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US Highway 27 near East Miami River Road

Cincinnati, OhioApr 20, 20040 Comments

Coelrain township police and the Ohio Highway Patrol seem to be everywhere on US 27 between I-275 and Millville, and at all times of the day. Much of this stretch is a divided highway, essentially just like an interstate highway but with speed limits of 55mph or 60mph depending on the area. Traffic generally moves at around 65-70mph, however, and the cops will be waiting for you. Living nearby this speedtrap makes me aware of how strict enforcement really is–in the last three months I have received a ticket there as well as three of my friends. My advice…keep it at 65mph or below or be ready to pay a steep fine of $104.

Gilbert Avenue near Eden Park Drive

Cincinnati, OhioDec 15, 20030 Comments

Heading South on Gilbert Ave, Police sit parked in Greyhound Bus Station (on righthand side), backed in, aimed at your back as you pass.

Clifton Ave, downhill stretch between UC and Ludlow

Cincinnati, OhioJul 28, 20030 Comments

cops sit in a bakery parking lot and clock people going down this steep hill. speeding of up to 20mph costs $100 in the city of cincinnati limits.

Westwood Northern Blvd

Cincinnati, OhioOct 01, 20020 Comments

Police sit all over lately this month and past month, got a ticket for 57 in a 40, heading westbound between baltimore and harrison ave. saw another police sitting waiting for speeders coming down the same hill in pm rushhour. really cant seee them until halfway down the slope and if youre going over 40-45 its too late. Be courteous if you see cops in this area or anywhere, let others know blink your lights a few times.

I-75 northbound at Exit 13

Cincinnati, OhioSep 25, 20020 Comments

State Patrol parks on the offramp with radar/ladar aimed at the curve (gentle right curve) just after the overpass at mile marker 12. Cruiser is concealed until range is roughly 300 meters by roadside trees. At that range, his ID of you will be hard to dispute.

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