Cincinnati, Ohio Speed Traps

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Clough Pike at the entrance to Turpin Hills Club

Cincinnati, OhioDec 01, 20101 Comments

In the mornings 8 to about 10 on South Side of road Sheriffs cruiser sits with radar facing west to pick up drivers on the straight away. Speed is 35 mph, but as there is a good straight run, most go 40 to 50. Have observed them there 3 to 4 days per week for past 4 weeks.

I 71 from Kenwood Rd. to Taft Rd.

Cincinnati, OhioOct 22, 20100 Comments

Every day cops stand next to their cruisers and motorcycles clocking people from Madeira all the way to almost downtown. It looks like a coordinated effort from multiple jurisdictions to get people to slow down on this 10 mile stretch of interstate.

Beechmont Avenue- West

Cincinnati, OhioSep 20, 20100 Comments

I second the last post from the person who added Beechmont Avenue near the Beechmont Levee as a speed trap. I don’t know about it being so much as a speed trap, although as the other person said…one you’re on the levve, there’s no getting off. Traffic is heavier during the day hours so the police don’t stop too many cars. When the sun goes down and the midnight hour is at hand, it’s another story. I was stopped a couple of weeks ago on my way back from downtown. It was around 1:45 or so. I know better than to speed across there, but I got stopped any how. The cop that pulled me over came up to the car, told me that he stopped me for a headlight being out. He told me to be safe and let me go. The whole stop took 30 seconds. I’m sure he was checking to see if I had been drinking. Just a word of advice, if you travel the levee, don’t give them a reason to stop you.

Beechmont Levee

Cincinnati, OhioSep 16, 20100 Comments

Speed limit is 35 coming across the levee. Cops sit at the top of the hill by Wooster road and stop cars both eastbound and westbound. Once you’re on the levee, there’s no place to exit off, so you’re pretty much screwed. Anywhere from Elstun road down to west of SR 32 is a prime area. This area is being targeted more at night between midnight and 2am too. You’ll get stopped for speed, but it’s mostly for a sniff to see if you’ve been drinking.

amberly village and golf manner

Cincinnati, OhioJun 15, 20100 Comments

Anywhere in the Amberly Village area especially by the rail road tracks coming into Amberly going up Section rd. There’s always some idiot cop sitting right at the rail road tracks. They are constantly sitting around in Golf Manor as well. I wouldn’t even bother going through these areas.

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