Cleveland Heights, Ohio Speed Traps

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Lee Rd. at Fairmount Blvd.

Cleveland Heights, OhioJan 06, 20230 Comments

Speed limit was just changed from 30 to 25. Heading south signs every 300 feet. Heading north one sign behind the RTA sign after crossing Fairmount.
Cop sitting and waiting in church parking lot.
Also speed reduced to 25 on Monticello and S. Taylor.

Monticello Blvd west of Lee Blvd

Cleveland Heights, OhioJun 01, 20150 Comments

On Monticello you go from 35 to 30, back to 35 & then drastically to 25 after traffic light at Lee Hts Blvd all within a 2 mile radius. What a joke. Got a ticket for going 11 miles over 25 speed limit because I didnt slam on my brakes as soon as I saw the speed limit change. I guess they’d rather see a traffic accident occur.

Coventry at Avondale

Cleveland Heights, OhioDec 23, 20120 Comments

Cop was sitting in parking lot. The dark green color of their cars in this municipality make them more difficult to spot.

The whole city is one big trap

Cleveland Heights, OhioSep 30, 20120 Comments

The police in this area are funded almost entirely by tickets. There are no warnings. They look for any little thing they can do to write you a ticket. Go someplace else. Avoid this burb or be ready to pay “admission to enter.” And be prepared to be treated like Charles Manson when you are pulled over. If you have a light bulb that is out, forgot to renew your tags, going 3 miles over, ANYTHING they can write a ticket for you will be written up for in this town. They are there to serve themselves. Another reason to avoid this area…probably a great place to be robbed, since the cops are too busy pulling over drivers to actually arrest any real criminals.

Coventry Road south of Cedar Rd.

Cleveland Heights, OhioOct 03, 20110 Comments

Posted speed limit is now 25mph. This is a major road. It used to be a 35mph zone, and road is wide enough to handle 35mph.
But there was a recent change to 25mph, and a radar car is always lurking.
It’s a speed trap. Nasty #%^% police.

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