Euclid, Ohio Speed Traps

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Lakeshore Blvd heading west after E222nd

Euclid, OhioFeb 03, 20110 Comments

An unmarked police car usually hides down one of the several side streets near the 2 school zones on a daily basis. He hides down one of the streets so you can’t see him until you’re in the school zone. He usually has someone pulled over daily! The school zone actually starts at the printed school zone sign on road/side of road, not the blinking light so he gets you speeding as soon as you enter it!

N. Lakeland Blvd. & E. 218th St. before on ramp to I90/SR2 W

Euclid, OhioMar 17, 20100 Comments

The police care sits just back of the stop sign on either E 218th or E 220th streets as( if just stopped at the sign) and clocks cars going down the marginal (N. Lakeland Blvd.). There are both an exit and an entrance to I90/SR20 W. there and can get you coming off or getting on the highway. Speed limit on marginal is 35mph.

Lloyd Road near near Lakeshore Boulevard

Euclid, OhioMar 11, 20080 Comments

On both sides of Lakeshore watching for speeders going north on Lloyd Road or watching for red light runners on Lakeshore. The unmarked police car mixes in with parked cars on the street.

Babbit Road near Exit Number Babbit Rd

Euclid, OhioFeb 22, 20080 Comments

When you get off at the Babbit Road exit your supposed to slow to 35, but as your exiting the highway your entering three lane traffic, which normally doesn’t allow you to slow down. There is noramally a cop sitting in one of the driveways to the right down near the light, waiting to give you a ticket.

Interstate 90 near 200th Street

Euclid, OhioFeb 07, 20071 Comments

The Euclid Police run radar constantly on motorists on I90/SR2 from 200th to ahter 260th St. They shoot from the access roads running paralell to the interstate and are undetectable.

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