Hamilton, Ohio Speed Traps

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US 127 New Miami, Ohio.

Hamilton, OhioOct 11, 20181 Comments

Ohio 127 between Hamilton, Ohio and Sevenmile, Ohio. This whole Village is a speed trap, they are currently in litigation to repay over 3 Million dollars back to people for using speed cameras.

ByPass 4 between Symmes Rd and Tylersville Rd

Hamilton, OhioSep 10, 20131 Comments

Hamilton police use an unmanned white ford SUV camera car with what looks like a lot of spot lights on top. They set it up mostly during non-rush hours during daytime. It sits on the north bound breakdown lane on the left (middle of the road divider) just south of the railroad overpass. Coming from the Tylersville Rd. to the north you don’t see it as there is a drop in the road after the overpass going toward Symmes Rd. The Fairfield portions of this road are 55 mph but Hamilton has their sections at 50 mph for no other reason than as a speed trap, in other words there’s no change in the road or traffic conditions at all to warrant a 5 mph drop. Most drivers do 60 mph in Fairfield’s 55 mph zone at either end of this Hamilton speed trap and when they hit Hamilton’s 50 mph zone they’re 10 over and bingo! If you look quickly in your side view mirror and see one of the spot lights flash like a camera flash bulb several times get ready for a nice letter from them for your money and maybe even your license!

ByPass 4 just south of Tylersville

Hamilton, OhioSep 10, 20130 Comments

Both State Troopers and Hamilton Police set up in what is to be a future exit for the Hamilton-Fairfield Airport. There are 2 billboards there that this stub of a road dead-ends into on the west side of the roadway, they set up at dusk to after dark on this stub catching southbound traffic. They also use the break in the median between the north and south bound lanes at this location to setup for north bound traffic as you can’t see them before coming up over the rise from the Symmes Rd direction. Symmes Rd, Tylersville Rd. and Hamilton Mason Rd are all what are known as Michigan Lefts (look it up on the web) so there is ridiculous amounts of paved areas that are not used for traffic and both State and Hamilton police setup there close to the loop lane which makes them look like cars waiting to do the Michigan Left until it’s too late and you realize it’s a traffic cop.

State Rt 129 as it becomes High Street traveling West

Hamilton, OhioFeb 18, 20114 Comments

The City always seem to enforce this almost unlawful school zone as you travel west on 129 as it becomes High Street. The roadway is seperated by a culvert and a fence but still Hamilton still calls it a School Zone. Coming down the hill from a 35mph zone, they will nail you at 3+miles over the posted limit.

washinghton blvd

Hamilton, OhioAug 19, 20101 Comments

washinghton blvd north after you cross milikin ave speed limit changes from 35 to 25 mph police car usually before the railroad tracks and also they park in the park it self will pull you over if your 3miles over the limit

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