Mentor, Ohio Speed Traps

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State Route 84 near Fairlawn Drive

Mentor, OhioJun 06, 20040 Comments

In the Trinity Baptist Church parking lot, cops will sit and point guns at Route 84. Because this lot goes far back, they can sometimes come up unexpected, and the speed limit of 35 mph is rarely followed. Most people go about 40 or 50 on this road, so watch out.

State Route 84 Johnycake Ridge near King Memorial Road

Mentor, OhioMay 22, 20040 Comments

Less than a tenth of a mile west of the 84, King Memorial intersection there is a church with a relatively large parkinglot facing state rt. 84 (Johnycake Ridge Rd.). Generally from the hours of 7:30 AM-10:30 AM a Mentor cop sits in the parkinglot with his radar on constantly. Genearlly with a radar detector one can sniff out his "K" band signal from over a mile away. Be carefull around this area. Although Mentor cops are generally lenient if you are going over 40 mph in this posted 35mph zone, the cop will pull you over.


Mentor, OhioMay 05, 20031 Comments

State Troopers have a nasty habit to sit just about everywhere on I-90 all day long and nail people going both East and West for the most petty things. They’ll get you for going a few MPH over the posted speed limit which is 65. Brings a whole knew meaning too the phrase (wach ya gona do when they come for you)

Route 2 Eastbound, Under Hendricks road bridge (first bridge after route 615)

Mentor, OhioAug 08, 20020 Comments

I have just noticed this one lately. the officer parks facing east under the bridge, with his radar gun held facing behind him ou the window. Scary – in a group of cars, he does not know exactly which one is speeding.

Rt. 84

Mentor, OhioJul 01, 20010 Comments

Read the bit on Kirtland Hills police near the Mentor/Kirtland Hills border. I see them alot around Little Mountain Road near the bend. I live very nearby on the Mentor side, have been pulled over and issued warnings for ‘crossing the yellow line’ and ‘turning my turn signal on too late’, and regularly see Kirtland Hills police and their white cars chasing people well into the Mentor area.

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