North Hampton, Ohio Speed Traps

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Ohio State Rt. 41

North Hampton, OhioApr 20, 20142 Comments

55 to 35 mph. opoosite ends of town. The road is fairly wide for the village and tends to mislead drivers as to a village or need for a 35 mph speed limit. Officers sit on the sides in vacant or business lots directly after the speed reduction. Was sited for 11 mph over. I waved at the officer as I went by. I thought I was driving at an appropriate clip for the loacation I was in. I have a CDL and drive a truck an often gauge my speed by the feel of an area. Traffic flow, road size, congestion, traffic lights and amount of homes vs. Business often play into my speed. Apparently I was way off on this one. First ticket is 11 years and over a million miles safe driving. Didnt seem to effect this officers need to make that money. There was nobody in sight on a lazy Good Friday Afternoon and obviously not a "safety" issue..

St Rt 41 immediate drop from 55 to 35, no warning &huge fine

North Hampton, OhioJul 26, 20131 Comments

Sits right at the edge of this 3 stop sign town to nail people before they can possibly realize they are over. There is no warning that the speed limit is dropping from 55 to 35 and anywhere from 1-20 MPH over is the same $185 fine. There is no chance he will give a warning and with a population of less than 500, the high tech cruisers they have here are obviously paid for through fleecing unsuspecting visitors. Avoid this worthless speed bump town and save some money. There is nothing here worth visiting or supporting.

North Hampton OH – SR 41

North Hampton, OhioJun 21, 20130 Comments

The first clue that you are even in a town is the sight of a police car in some business lot on the south side of the road. By that time, it is too late, even if the police car is facing away from you. You will be cited for speeding, and it will cost you $185, whether you are going 1 mile over the speed limit or 20 miles over the speed limit. Anything over 21mph over only adds another $20 to the fine. The officer won’t even tell you WHY you have been pulled over; he will just demand your license, and you will have to ask WHY. This was my first time in this town and will definitely be my last. Do yourself a favor, never travel through this town on SR 41 east of Troy. The only way to put a stop to this speed trap is to end the traffic flow there so that they have no one to ticket and no one to fund the town’s expenses. By the way, given the other blogs, how many officers do they have? I live near a town five times larger, and it employs only 1 or 2 officers, but this place must have 3-5. How can such a small “town” afford that…..?

State route 41

North Hampton, OhioJun 05, 20130 Comments

Was pulled over last night around nine, pulling my jet ski. Was told I was stopped because my lights were not working on trailer. The officer collected my sisters and my girlfriends ID along with mine. Had to wait ten minutes while he was running everything. He eventually came back, I got out to check lights all were in working order. Was given a verbal warning and told to drive home with hazards on. Oh and he was driving the other way to start off and he pulled a Uturn with a car behind him to stop me. AVOID North Hampton if possible.

State route 41

North Hampton, OhioDec 21, 20121 Comments

Puts himself right after the speed limit changes from 55 to 35. Huge fines!!

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