Woodmere, Ohio Speed Traps

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All along Chagrin east of 271 to just past Eaton Collection

Woodmere, OhioApr 01, 20110 Comments

Woodmere is a tiny city, less than 1 square mile, which has a small part of Chagrin Blvd. (maybe 1/2 mile) running through it. There is *always* at least 1, sometimes 2, cops running traffic enforcement on this little stretch of road.

It’s not just a speed trap, it’s an *everything-trap.* Speed, failing to use your turn signal while in the borders of a turning lane, various lane change violations, minor equipment violations like a burned out light, etc. My best advice while driving this 1/2 mile is to pretend like you’re 16 yrs. old again and taking the driving test to get your driver’s license, and drive that carefully.

Chagrin Boulevard near Interstate 271

Woodmere, OhioSep 06, 20070 Comments

The Woodmere police are out day and night catching speeders on their very short stretch of Chagrin Blvd. from east of 271 to the city limits just past Eton Collection (the shopping center) The speed limit is posted at 25 mph and they enforce it.

Chagrin Boulevard near Interstate 271

Woodmere, OhioJul 28, 20070 Comments

The police will hide in any of the parking lots (out of site) along this 1/2 mile stretch between Route 271 and Eaton shopping center. The speed limit before and after Woodmere Village is 35 mph, but in Woodmer it is 25 mph.

Chagrin Blvd

Woodmere, OhioJul 05, 20030 Comments

Anywhere on Chagrin Blvd. It is only 25mph posted speed. Everyone travels this street at 40mph or more. If your going that fast in that area, you deserve a ticket! Especially during the day. If you do get a ticket, take the time and go to Mayors court and ask for a no points violation. You might pay a little extra but its worth it in the long run. The prosecutor is a complete pushover!! I went to court and the prosecutor didn’t know what she was talking about. She made herself look dumb.

Chagrin Rd./entire city

Woodmere, OhioJun 01, 20010 Comments

Sits behind bushes on Chagrin, speed limit drops from 35mph to 25mph. Police seem to out at all times giving tickets. Woodmere is a very small city with a large number of cops and never seems to give its own residents a ticket.

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