Arcadia, Oklahoma Speed Traps

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Rte 66 coming into town (East) 1st convenience store going West

Arcadia, OklahomaApr 30, 20190 Comments

I got a ticket for going 3 over the speed limit. The speed changes so quick, No time to react. Set a court date for SATURDAY? WTF???? Since when does any place do Kangaroo Court on a Sat? Anyway I called and got no answer. I was informed by the officer be at court at 12 pm. There is no court at 12 and further more its every 3 Sat of each month. Called and they were not willing to cut no slack. Warrant for arrest speeding ticket now 643 dollars. They are a bunch of Crooks

Route 66 Arcadia OKlahoma

Arcadia, OklahomaJan 21, 20151 Comments

Arcadia city limits east to west is a 24/7 speed trap and has been for years.

Route 66, within Arcadia city limits

Arcadia, OklahomaOct 23, 20140 Comments

The Arcadia police department will write you a ticket for going 1 m.p.h. over the speed limit and their court municipal judge (as the officer will tell you as he is writing the ticket) will uphold it. Since this is outside the error tolerance of your speedometer (and their radar equipment), it is probably a safe bet that this is not the only instance of crooked law enforcement in Arcadia.

I always drive at least 10 m.p.h. under the limit there, which creates a sort of rolling road block. The locals don’t like it, but my advise is to take it up with their police force.

Rt. 66 and Post Rd. to Westminster – frequent checkpoints

Arcadia, OklahomaJul 02, 20121 Comments

I live just past this intersection and at least 4 times per year have to drive through a massive checkpoint – they waive me through (I am a soccer mom) but they have a bus for arrests and tow trucks ready and waiting. On Saturday evening coming home from the grocery they were getting it all set up – the bus was there waiting along with two tow trucks – they were just setting up the cones, etc.
This is in addition to the DAILY traffic stops I see on Rt 66.

Streets running north of Route 66, especially Anderson Rd

Arcadia, OklahomaSep 30, 20111 Comments

Route 66 has 45 mph limit, but turning off of it to go north, the streets immediately become 25 mph limit. Hilly terrain on Anderson Rd keeps traffic cops out of sight until you’re right on top of them (too late). Area is heavily wooded, no need for 25 mph limit other than to generate speeding tickets.

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