Calumet, Oklahoma Speed Traps

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on Hwy. 270 at the propane storage tanks, the north side of town, and at the west edge of town on 270

Calumet, OklahomaJan 05, 20030 Comments

well lets speak of their radars. the chief of police showed me this trick when i was in high school. Calumet uses the old type radars when you flip the switch to radar a person the unit automatically flashes 50 MPH. You have enough time to lock this in and you have your ticket for 50 in a 35. Talk about crooked and not right. secondly with every radar that has been calibrated they provide tuning forks and are serial numbered which is provided on the tuning fork and on the documentation for calibration. He said a tuning fork is a tuning fork. well yeah right because you are supposed to be able to using the forks to simulate a stationary and a moving speed. Example you use the forks for the following. you have a fork which represents 40 mph and a fork to represent 50 mph. so you turn on the radar strike a fork and hold it in front of the radar gun. it is supposed to show a value of 40 or 50. well the 40 was right but the 50 would always show 80 and when you performed the test as you were moving it is supposed to show you moving at 50 and the other veh at 40 well those were always off by a big margin. This town abuses and harass’ its citzens and other drivers. They also write tickets for modified exhaust systems. well as per ok state statuates a vehicle with a farm tag is exemp from emission laws. this includes having glass packs on their vehicles. They prey on folks with these. And you ask why i know so much about this little towns secrets. I always wanted into law enforcement so i thought that my home town would be the place to start. I always reported the radar units to be out of calibration which the chief wrote off as being in calibration. I was always told that anyone that had modified exhaust was to be ticketed especially farm vehicles and to harass the high school kids who drove around town. So if was to look into this towns past tickets and the court logs it will find that 95 % of the tickets are 50 mph in a 35 or modified exhaust. DRIVERS BEWARE. ALSO THESE OFFICERS WHO ARE OUT THERE NOW SIT ON PRIVATE CITIZENS PROPERTY AND RUN THEIR RADAR UNITS! WHICH IS ILLEGAL ALLTOGETHER

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