Coalgate, Oklahoma Speed Traps

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In center of town just beyond the curve in main street

Coalgate, OklahomaJun 08, 20120 Comments

White Silverado cop car was waiting for anyone going above their 25 mph posted signs. Outside of town the speed limit is 45 but in this little 3/4 mile section it is only 25 mph. I was pulled over just as I came around the bend. Police were looking for anyone over the speed limit. The cop had written so many tickets he apologized for not being able to give me an envelope to mail my ticket. WATCH OUT!!!!

Main St. drops down to 25mph

Coalgate, OklahomaAug 09, 20100 Comments

This little po-dunk town loves out-of-town plates…… and their set-up includes a white Chevy Silverado pick-up with lights hidden behind the windshield.

Couple of traps

Coalgate, OklahomaApr 27, 20100 Comments

(I used to live here and know of many traps) When coming into town from the North or West and heading South on Main St. aka Hwy 3, they sit across the street from the 2nd conv. store in a dark area next to a snow cone stand right around a curve. Also, when heading North out of town on Hwy. 31, they sit at the bottom of the hill just before city limits ends because speed is 25-30 and most people start going faster there. Also, the park on the South end of town is a hot spot. So just watch everything you do when you go thru here, esp if you have out of state tags! They will stop you for anything they can!!

State Route OK 3

Coalgate, OklahomaMay 10, 20040 Comments

Coming Coalgate from the west, there is a downhill loop where the cops will get you if you are anything over 40. Plus, they jack-up your speed and won’t show you their readings.

State Highway OK 3

Coalgate, OklahomaMay 10, 20040 Comments

I got a ticket here and I know of many other people who have gotten a ticket in this spot in the road. The speed limits aren’t unrealistic but the cop I dealt with seemed to have raised my actual speed. I was ticketed for 51 in a 40 when I am sure that I was going 45. So watch out and if you can, go a different route.

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