Hennessey, Oklahoma Speed Traps

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Highway 81 in town

Hennessey, OklahomaDec 01, 20102 Comments

I went to OK City one Sat. morning with a good friend (he was driving) and we caught a red light in town on the 4 lane. A few seconds later a town cop pulls up on my friend’s side of the car. This cop has an old farmer with him reading a newspaper. As I glanced over I could see the cop looking at us. He then said something to the farmer and they both laughed a bit.

I told my friend to be careful as he left the light on a green. The cop never moved; just sat in the street at the light. When we were about a block away he flipped on the lights and after pulling us over he stated that my friend had "passed him on the right" and he also demanded MY drivers license even though I was only the passenger. I refused to give it to him and my friend got stuck with paying a fine for this totally bogus infraction. Needless to say my friend was very irate and even put his finger in the officer’s face and indirectly threatened him. The cop became very nervous over this and was visibly trembling. Apparently the law enforcement standards there are very low or non-existent.

Hwy 81 & Hwy 51

Hennessey, OklahomaJun 12, 20100 Comments

The other post for Hennessey are very outdated I think it is irresponsible to have post on here from 2002. There aren’t even any officers on the department now that were employed with Hennessey at that time. The post from 2007 is outdated too that officer has not been with the department for several years now whch i believe i had posted before but during the change in format that seemed to not make it to the new site.
Remember the best way to not get a speeding ticket is to "DRIVE THE SPEED LIMIT" and if you decide not to, then pay the darn ticket if you get caught.

State Highway 81 near State Highway 54

Hennessey, OklahomaAug 21, 20071 Comments

81 hwy heading South of Hennessey, law enforcement sets, usually on the east side of the road. There are a lot of oil field and trucking business and if you are not watching for the marked vehicle then it is sometimes hard to see until it is too late. Speed limit is 45 but most everyone is trucking along at 55. Most of the law enforcement in Hennessey is younger fellows that seem to have cocky attitudes. They also like to sit at the quick stop on the corner of 81 Hwy & 51 Hwy in the early hours, around 4 to 6 am. There is a 4-way stop and if you don’t completely stop and pause, even if there is no other cars in site, you will get a ticket for running a stop sign. After my ticket, I went into the quick stop and there were locals complaining about their tickets… so he is after anyone he can get his hands on.


Hennessey, OklahomaNov 08, 20020 Comments

Beware anywhere in or out of town, You will be pulled over for any reason and given multiple tickets.Town of 2000 has 4-5 police and a k9 unit. Young women should avoid this town like the plauge

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