Hulbert, Oklahoma Speed Traps

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State Highway 51

Hulbert, OklahomaApr 13, 20051 Comments

I moved my daughter to Tahlequah to attend college & warned her of the trap in Hulbert as we traveled through their small community. As we passed through their fair town she soon became aware of the facts. The police were parked at the west end of town, along side the road monitoring cars as they moved in and out of their town. Several months passed and I agreed to meet my daughter in Wagoner to transport some personal items she was in need of for college. When she was 30 minutes late I called her cell phone only to find out she was currently being interrogated by the Hulbert police. I began driving to Hulbert when she called and told me to meet her at Sequoyah State Park. She told me she had been pulled over because she had a Texas tag. I asked if she had explained to them that she had just purchased this car in Texas, she said yes. But they were insistant that her car was being used for other purposes and wanted to know how fast it would go. They were antagonistic and put a fear into my daughter. The ticket was passed upon showing purchase of tag, tax & title but she steers clear of Hulbert.

State Highway 51 near State Highway 80

Hulbert, OklahomaJun 30, 20040 Comments

Driving home from youth ministry when stopped by Hulbert PD, officer indicate my speed was 6mph above limit. Officer began to ask "How much meth have you done", when I indicated that I do not use drugs the officer got irrate and demanded to know how often I use meth. I insisted that I did not use drgs and other officers were called, my vehicle was illegally search and my face was repeatedly slammed on the hood of the car. Several latino parishoners have indicated that Hulbert PD demand payment of $40 or threaten jail time to non-english speaking travelers caught in their town. DO NOT spend any money in Hulbert! the police there are the criminals.

State Highway 51

Hulbert, OklahomaApr 18, 20040 Comments

30 MPH speed limit, 25 when flashing light. Speed increases gradually after leaving town.

US Highway 51

Hulbert, OklahomaFeb 24, 20040 Comments

I was coming home from Tulsa one night, it was about 10pm. The cop was sitting in his usual place at the east end of town across from the post office. I was driving through the middle of town when his radar clocked me at 31 mph, in a 25 mph zone. Of course there was no leniency, even though it was only 6 mph over the speed limit. The final fine? $120, $20 for every 1 mph over. The cops get bored and the town’s main revenue is speeding tickets, so they dish them out.

Hwy 51

Hulbert, OklahomaDec 31, 20020 Comments

July 4, 2000 – I got pulled over TWICE IN THE SAME DAY!! I was going to Talequah for a July 4 party. While driving to the party I was stopped going 53 in a 35. The short span in between the speed limit signs doesn’t give you enough time to slow down. You practially have to slam on your breaks in order to go from 65 to 35 in less than 1/4 mile. Was given a ticket for about $125. Then coming back to go home I was pulled over again going the other way. This time I was careful, knowing what kind of a speed trap I was getting into. This time I showed the earlier ticket to the officer & he actually had enough sense to let me go. Go Figure!!

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