Meeker, Oklahoma Speed Traps

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North Of Meeker Ok

Meeker, OklahomaApr 26, 20101 Comments

I go through Meeker 6 days a week, I have been pulled over 5 miles north of town and as far as 7 miles east of town. This is out of their area, but they still write the tickets and their judge will make you pay.

State Highway 18

Meeker, OklahomaFeb 06, 20060 Comments

South of Meeker, the cops will hide to catch you! Be careful and follow the speed limit signs closely!

Highway 18 south of town

Meeker, OklahomaAug 22, 20030 Comments

I live in Meeker, and am well aware of the radar situation in this town. Therefore, I DO NOT speed through Meeker. I was coming home from work (south of town on Hwy 18)doing 55 in the 55 zone and drove passed the officer doing his speed trap duties. He did not move nor hit the lights, and there were no other cars in the immediate area. I proceeded through town (at the speed limit), stopped at the four way stop, and proceeded east on Highway 62 out of town. About 1 1/4 miles east of town a patroll car comes FLYING up behind me with the lighs flashing. It looked like he was going to an accident or something, so I pulled over. He pulled up behing me and told me he had me on radar going 68 in the 55 zone where he was parked south of town. I drove a distance of about 2 1/2 miles, part of which was through town, before he come to me. He did not say I sped through town (because I didn’t). How dangerous was it for him to speed through town and past it to catch somebody who was doing the speed limit? Why did he not stop me at the area he said I was speeding (he could have hit the lights right there and pulled me over easily)? I drive a 74 Porsche 914, and I think he saw an easy mark (he said my speedometer was wrong- it’s not). After he gave me my $90 ticket, he said "drive safely" – get real. What he did to catch me was far more dangerous than I would have been had I been speeding. There are all kinds of stories about people getting tickets on the way to church, etc., in this town.

highway 18 north and south

Meeker, OklahomaDec 30, 20021 Comments

city police sit south of hwy 62. always ticketing people from shawnee. I will not spend anymore money in there town I would rather run out of gas and walk back to shawnee for gas. which is 10 miles

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