Moffet, Oklahoma Speed Traps

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State Highway 64 Highway near Garrison Avenue

Moffet, OklahomaOct 06, 20070 Comments

This trap run thru Moffet and Dora Okla. It is Right on the Ok., Ar. state line.It has been there for years but made the news latly because of so many tickets being written.

US Highway 64

Moffet, OklahomaJan 08, 20040 Comments

This town monitors speed using K band radar mounted in the patrol car as they drive east and west along US 64 and use the median to turn around on violaters. They have one white car, a Ford Explorer (or similar car) and a silver type car with no light bars on top. Enforcement is off and on, however when they enforce, they enforce! Sometimes they will sit along the road with their lights off stationary monitoring westbound traffic from Fort Smith near the stock yard. Also their is a place where the speed jumps from 65 to 55 quickly around corner and they enforce here sometimes. Since the speed is set fairly quick they like to stop motorists for any type of violation as they move through traffic. As they drive they like to scan motorists license tags one after the other over the radio. I assume if anything shows up the will stop you however most of the time they will move on after scanning a tag. At night when there is not much traffic they will tend to follow sometimes and this can be unnerving. They are very strict on traffic laws (No Tolerence.) Any mechanicle defect, one-mile-over-the-hour, not using turn signals will get you stopped. This town makes a lot off of tickets (or so the news says). I have no numbers but they seem to favor stopping out of towners, especially out of state. And they also seem to love to try and search your car. More often than not they have a motorist on the side of the road while they are going through his car. There is also talk that they have poor (none?) radar training and give false radar tickets so watch out altough I have seen it. They sometimes take breaks at the Texaco station in the center of town and if both cars are here you are somewhat safe but be careful.
Sometimes they are nowhere around for a few days but then are back. I see them more often out at night and during peak traffic times. In summary, be very cautious when driving through this town especially if you are from out of town! Mark it with red on your map so you wont forget.

Hwy 64 & Dora exit

Moffet, OklahomaDec 30, 20020 Comments

Frequently patroled, known to park on shoulder at night with no headlamps or parking lights, and sometimes parks on the on-ramp of the west-bound side just off of the garrison avenue bridge.

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