Sawyer, Oklahoma Speed Traps

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Bridge on west side of town to hwy 147 on east side of town

Sawyer, OklahomaNov 12, 20180 Comments

Anywhere in city limits on hwy 70 ALL traffic laws are STRICTLY enforced, officers can average 10+ traffic stops in 8 hrs.

Along the various exits to Sawyer on I 70

Sawyer, OklahomaJul 20, 20150 Comments

Officers sit and wait for out of state plates. Write citations night and day. It is well documented that Sawyer has a practice of charging (illegal and excessive) traffic violation fines. If you call the police station on the number provided on the ticket during business hours M-F 9-12 yeah right… 580 326-5226 nobody ever answers. When you call Choctaw County to inquire, When you mention A ticket from Sawyer, the laugh and say good luck just pay the fine….. Great county advise.. I wonder why tourism is down in Oklahoma???

US 70 west of Sawyer to Hugo Lake access road.

Sawyer, OklahomaApr 11, 20111 Comments

The road from US 70 into the Hugo Lake park area has been annexed by Sawyer. Sawyer police love to set up road blocks to check seat belts usage, driver’s license, and auto registration/title. They also set up speed traps near the US 70 exit. They love to pick on out-of-state vehicles. Please, Please watch and heed all speed signs.

Sawyer Oklahoma

Sawyer, OklahomaMar 17, 20112 Comments

The actual town of Sawyer has extended its city limits to about 1-1/2 mile east of the actual town to about 2-1/2 miles west of the actual town — several years ago. The entire distance is very heavily patrolled. I travel through there twice each day to & from work — I see someone pulled over almost daily and have been stopped myself once. The best thing to do is set your cruise on the limit and make sure you reduce your speed when you come into the actual town itself — it goes from 65 to 55 to 45 in the space of about 1/4 mile or less. There is also road construction on the east side of town where the limit has been reduced to 55 the whole distance. The officer is patrolling that construction area more than usual — in hopes of the "fines are double" law for construction zones. Just because you see an officer on one side of town doesn’t mean the coast is clear — there is often a 2nd officer on the other side of town. Just stay on the limit or less! The officers are usually out in the afternoon/evening but occasionally I see them early in the morning — 6:00 AM — too.

3 miles outside of Sawyer at the Shady Oaks sign

Sawyer, OklahomaJun 10, 20100 Comments

The local policeman is sitting on a side road everyday…I have passed the location earlier in the morning and seen him, during the day and as late as 2:30 in the morning. He constantly has people pulled over.

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