Stringtown, Oklahoma Speed Traps

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Hwy 43 (E Reba McEntire Ave) from RR to east approx 1.25 mi

Stringtown, OklahomaApr 24, 20190 Comments

I was heading west on Highway 43 into Stringtown. Speed limit was 65 mph. After Rocky Creek the speed limit dropped to 55 mph, then in quick succession it dropped to 45 mph, then 35 mph, then to 25 mph (not a school zone, this was the regular speed limit). The speed limit changes are within just a little over one mile distance. Cops sit just on the east side of the railroad tracks waiting for folks to come down the hill going westward. The way the road curves and slopes, it is difficult, especially on wet roads as the day I passed through, to slow down to 25 mph in that short of a distance. In addition, it is unsafe on wet roads to slow to 25 mph in that distance. Stringtown has been investigated twice (2007 & 2014) for it’s speed trapping. Apparently, they’re still doing it.

going south bound into Stringtown

Stringtown, OklahomaApr 12, 20110 Comments

The only way they have too make money. Traveled thru it many times and he’s always there. Be carefull. Submitted by Barry O’Brien.

any part of 75

Stringtown, OklahomaSep 20, 20100 Comments

Was stopped for going 10 miles over… never mind that I know the rep of the town and was going 5mph under the limit just to be safe. Was shown a supposed radar in the car with the speed on it and given a ticket.. was also told that since I was polite that if I sent the money directly in that the charge would not show up on my record. I have a high end radar detector in my car that is so sensitive it will go off if I pass a cheap automatic door opener, it never beeped once. To this day I know the radar was fake and it was just legalized extortion. AVOID the town at all costs. They will ticket you regardless of your speed.

Entering The Town.

Stringtown, OklahomaMar 05, 20100 Comments

I was stopped outside of the town for going 76 in a 60. The problem is I was only going 60 and I know this for a fact because I have been threw Stringtown many of times and always slow down. Scammers Watch Out.

US Highway 75

Stringtown, OklahomaAug 21, 20070 Comments

Entering Stringtown, OK, from either the north or south, the speed limit goes from 75, to 65 and then to 60 through the town – about a mile or so in total. As folks are all traveling 75 coming into this area, you need to pay close attention to the ramp down to 65 and then 60. Common for a County Sheriff to simply patrol back and forth along this mile or so of road, and they do so frequently.

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